Weekly Manga Review: Shokugeki no Souma chapter 281

Weekly Manga Review: Shokugeki no Souma chapter 281

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars) chapter 281. Read at your own risk.

As we’ve seen is the previous chapter, the Elite team completed the exam goal successfully in just one day. Their friends from the Polar Star dormitory rush to congratulate them, happy that they also passed themselves.

Alice says it’s all because of the deep bound they all share, but Nikumi just remembers how they just argued for the first two days. Well, all bounds are different. They all praise Megumi for being able to handle all of the customers so quickly and pretty much just by herself. Our hospitality girl really showed what she can do. And with this done, Alice just wants to have fun and enjoy the beach, but Hayama reminds her that there is a lot of paperwork for them to do.

Souma notices Erina has been missing, but Megumi says she must be overseeing the mountain course. Little do they know what’s happening to the headmistress.

The lock turns back a bit, to the previous day. Erina wakes up in Asahi’s place. Knowing his real identity now, she realises he’s the guy responsible for all the problems lately. She looks around and immediately knows the other people are noirs too. She remember her grandfather told her when she was little how merciless they are, but he assured her that she won’t have anything to do with them. Erina was still scared of them regardless when she was little, and now here she is, face to face with them.

She already starts to think of a way to escape, but Asahi assures her that he doesn’t want to harm her. he says this way he can tlel her everything he needs. He also casually introduces her to her kidnapper. What a nice guy. But what he really wants is to challenge Erina to a cooking contest, and if he wins she was to become his wife.

Erina is shocked at this. He says at first he thought he can just win her over, but it didn’t work (as we already know). He realised he should just resort to cooking. Erina has a few questions first. She asks how he infiltrated Tootsuki, but Asahi just says he has his way to falsify documents and the sort. She then asks why he asked the noir chefs to start shokugekis. He says that way he was testing her. He wanted to see her response to this, and it was up to his expectations.

Erina finally snaps out hearing all of this nonsense. First he insults Tootsuki, then he insults her with all of his actions. She says she will teach him a lesson with her food and already rushes to get to cook, along with the chair she is tied to.

Outraged Erina.

Asahi says they won’t do it there and now, but at Blue, the cooking contest. Erina says someone like him usually wouldn’t be interested in that, but he replies that this year is a bit different. and underground chefs will be able to participate too.

He says he will participate, and when he wins they will get married right there, with all the participants as the wedding guests. The tournament will be held in the summer. He tells Erina to prepare for this “wonderful” summer. Erina is not amused.

However, in the last panel we see Jouichiro making his way to Tootsuki. Hopefully he will be able to help Erina beat Asahi and show teach him a lesson. or help Souma do it. or maybe both. But we shall see that in the upcoming chapters.