Weekly Manga Review: Shokugeki no Souma chapter 279

Weekly Manga Review: Shokugeki no Souma chapter 279

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars) chapter 279. Read at your own risk.

The second day of the exam seems to go well for Nikumi’s shop, since she estimates they will be able to reach the 27,000$ goal. Souma leisurely passes by her and tells her that even if the sea looks tempting she doesn’t have time to play. Like he’s one to talk. She asks how the Elite shop is going just to see all of them fighting.

All of them keep arguing since they are in such a hurry. Nikumi says it looks all like a warzone. Souma remarks this too, but keeps his cheery tone. Nikumi notices that he’s so happy and asks him what happened, but he replies that nothing really, “just business as usual”.

Nikumi also notices that their shop really isn’t in a good spot. Just as she says this, someone from another shop starts to mock the Elites for their shop. Nikumi gets mad at him, but Alice just returns the ball and says he’s the kid that keeps challenging Souma for his first seat and always loses. He tries to not get down by this and says that when all Elite members will be kicked out their seats will be open and he can fight for one.

While Nikumi is still mad at the guy, Souma doesn’t get affected and says that’s the Tootsuki spirit. Nikumi says it’s still unfair for the Elite Ten, but Souma replies that everyone before them did it and managed to overcome it, and they will be able to do it and show the other students they deserve to be there. The other Elite members are happy to hear his words.

They all passed obstacles like this before, so it’s nothing new. All feeling determined, they get to work 9without fighting this time).

The next day comes and it’s the final day of the exam. Everybody doubts the Elite will be able to reach the goal on the last day. They finally open the shop, and everyone is shocked at how it looks.

They are more fired up than ever in their opening! In charge of the kitchen will be Souma, Takumi and Kurokiba, and they’re allowed to go all-out and wild! It will be exciting to see them back to work again, and for the first time as Elites!

We will have some exciting chapter next time, I’m sure! meanwhile, Erina is still missing. When will they notice and how will they save her? So many things to look forward to! Stay tuned!