Weekly Manga Review: Shokugeki no Souma chapter 278

Weekly Manga Review: Shokugeki no Souma chapter 278

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars) chapter 278. Read at your own risk.

The shadow that was behind Erina last time turned out to be just a fan of hers who wanted an autograph. We also see Souma being confused at what Suzuki means that Erina will leave him.

But anyway, the first day ends. Erina calls Hisako on the phone to check on her and how things are in the mountain course. Hisako says she heard Suzuki is overseeing the beach course, and warns Erina to not get too close to him. Erina wonders if he really is as bad as Hisako says, and tries to calm down her overthinking caused by similar shoujo manga romances she read about.

The others are resting in the lobby. Nikumi is exhausted ‘cause she had to reject boys all day and Yoshino complains about not being able to make 9000$ on their first day. Nikumi asks Souma how’s the elite shop going, but Souma casually says it’s still a total mess.

Yoshino then says that if things keep going like this they won’t have any romance. Hearing this, Souma thinks about what Suzuki said about Erina, and decides to go to look for her. He finds her on a balcony and is happy to see that she’s still around. In the moonlight he looks at her in a way we haven’t really seen before.

Souma approaches her and asks what she was doing. She tells him she just wanted to cool her head, and asks him what he was doing too. He says he forgot what he was doing, which makes Erina laugh. Seeing her laugh, Souma tells her she looks prettier when she smiles.

Erina gets flustered but brushes it off saying there’s no time for cheesy things and they should all focus on their cooking studies. Souma agrees and says how he’s bummed about the elite shop. Erina reassures him, saying he will be fine and he will overcome this, just like he always does. This cheers Souma up and he says he will come fight her after, and Erina replies that he will taste defeat once again.

Souma laughs at this and says she didn’t change even if she became the headmistress. He then asks her if she plans on going somewhere, question which confuses Erina. He tells her to forget about it, and tells her they should both “keep on keepin’ on it”, and Erina agrees. After this, Souma leaves.

Erina is left alone in the balcony, and when she plans to return she is assaulted by a strange man!

It turns out it was Suzuki, who kidnapped her! He wasn’t joking about her going away. He finally reveals his true self to Erina! Erina is in a strange place full of strange and dangerous-looking people!

What will she do? Will the others be able to find her? Will Souma make the connection with “Suzuki’s” words? We shall find out!