Weekly Manga Review: Shokugeki no Souma chapter 277

Weekly Manga Review: Shokugeki no Souma chapter 277

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars) chapter 277. Read at your own risk.

As we found out in the previous chapter, the exam will be held on the beach, and that’s exactly where everyone is now. Everyone wants to have fun at the beach, but our dear Headmistress Erina gets directly to work.

Their exam will consist of running a seaside shop. All of the shops were rented by the Academy for the sake of this exam. However, they musn’t lose the shop’s usual money, so they have to earn it: to be exact, $9,000 per day. Of course, everyone is shocked at this huge sum.

Erina won’t be participating since she has to supervise the exam, but as a student she still had her trial, far harder than this one.

*This might be just imagination at work.

But of course, the ones that don’t worry about this are Souma and the rest of the Elite Ten. On the contrary, they are pumped up and prepared for this exam.

Souma is even more fired up since all he thinks about is making a dish for Erina and then fighting Suzuki once more. As him and the rest of the Elite are making plans, Erina tells them they will have a separate trial. All six of them will be on the same team and will have their shop set in an… unwelcoming place.

Having said all that, the exam begins. Everyone already started selling, but the Elite members have to set their shop up first. They’re making plans and working to make the shop look welcoming.

Souma has an uninvited guest: none other than Suzuki. When Suzuki just wants to make fun of him, Souma tells him about his master plan. However, Suzuki tells him that he shouldn’t be so relaxed about it, and gives him a warning:

Meanwhile, Erina is approached by a mysterious figure, but it’s most likely someone we already know. Who is it? What sort of developments will come out of this exam? What did Suzuki mean about Erina? We shall find out in the next chapters!