Weekly Manga Review: One Piece 919

Weekly Manga Review: One Piece 919

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from One Piece chapter 919. Read at your own risk.

It is time for O-Tama to depart and go back to her master. She thanks Luffy for everything and says she will never forget the delicious food she was able to eat. Speed is still loyal to her, and she carries her on her journey. The friends depart, but one day they might meet again.

Luffy and the others are about to depart too, but before that everyone in the village thanks him for the food. Everyone became happier and healthier thanks to it.

And so our heroes depart. The scene shifts to the Flower Capital, where some kids are having a history lesson at school. They all agree that a country with closed borders is the right way to go. But despite this, in the past there were people that tried to open the borders: Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards. However, they were defeated by the shogun, Kurozumi Orochi and now they’re all dead.

The kids in class

Then the scene shifts to Inemuri Kyoshiro. he is enjoying himself by telling the story of 20 years ago. The shogun’s wife said that in 20 years on a moonlit night nine samurais will come and kill him and open the country’s borders. Apparently the shogun is scared of this, but it’s stupid to think some dead people can hurt him. Or is it?

Meanwhile, Luffy and the others have arrived at the ruins of the Oden Castle. Here they see some graves. That’s nothing weird, but the names on the graves aren’t what they expected.

Law says that Kin’emon should show up tonight. Luffy asks for explanations: are they ghosts or are they actually alive? But his question is quickly answered by Kin’emon himself, that finally managed to get out of the toilet.

Luffy is excited to see him, but O-Kiku is even more excited. it seems these two have a close relationship, and that’s the reason O-Kiku followed the straws in their journey to the castle.

And Kin’emon isn’t the only one they meet. Well-known faces to us are finally back.

After they all made their greeting, they had to get down to business. Luffy asks what’s the deal with everything. Kin’emon says the truth is they came from the Wano country of 20 years ago by travelling forward in time!

It seems the correct answer is that they were alive and ghosts at the same time. Now, what is their mission? We can guess what it is from all the foreshadowing in this chapter, but let’s keep reading the next chapters to be sure!