Weekly Manga Review: One Piece 918

Weekly Manga Review: One Piece 918

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from One Piece chapter 918. Read at your own risk.

As we’ve seen last time, Luffy rescued O-Tama. He also defeated Holdem easily. Now he’s making a run of it together with O-Tama. When he sees a horse he happily jumps on it, but the horse was actually Speed!

Seeing this, Luffy tells O-Tama to make a dango. She does so and makes Speed eat it, which actually tamed her! Luffy said it’s probably because she is still half horse. Now Speed follows the ship under her master’s order. O-Tama then tells Luffy he was just like Ace, but he doesn’t quite hear it. Still, it’s a very cute scene.

Meanwhile, near the Bakura front gate, Law is holding Hawkins and his men back. However, seeing his techniques and his tattoo, Hawkins immediately realises who he’s actually dealing with. Hawking tells Law that the thieves already defeated Holdem and this incident was reported to Master Jack. Law gets angry realising they turned the situation into the worst case scenario.

He finds out what the “thieves” have done themselves anyway, since they are heading to the gate with the food ship. Law yells at Zoro for causing trouble even though he said he wouldn’t. But anyway, they manage to get the ship out of Bakura town to head with it to Okobore town. The citizens of that down are overjoyed with all the food at their disposal.

Not only food, but also clean water. Everybody thanks Luffy and the others for the food they brought. Luffy says that this is his repayment for the food Tama gave him, and it won’t stop here. He tells her that before he leaves this country he will make this be the norm for them. Hearing this, she remembers that Ace said something similar to her.

Law tells Luffy and Zoro that they have to move to another location. He will have to travel to a mountain and meet The Seven Ghosts Of The Wano Country. Meeting them will teach them an unbelievable “truth”.

It seems we will have some ghost stories going on in the following chapters, so let’s look forward to them!