Weekly Manga Review: One Piece 917

Weekly Manga Review: One Piece 917

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from One Piece chapter 917. Read at your own risk.

The chapter starts by showing us the cruel reality of Kuri-Okobore Town. Everyone there is starving and the children can’t take it and drink poisoned water from the river.

Meanwhile, in Bakura Town, we get to see the Paradise Farm, where there’s a lot of fresh and delivious food, but none of it will go to the starving citizens. It’s all taken by Speed, the Horse Smile User, to share with the other Smile Users.

Back to our heroes: Holdem is still keeping O-Tama hostage with his lion stomach, Kamijiro. Holdem thinks they are Shutenmaru’s subordinates and that they are the Atamayama thieves. Hearing the Shutenmaru name, O-Tsuru warns Luffy to not anger Holdem even more since he is dangerous. If Holdem gets angry, he might bring Jack, a calamity, there and it will be the end for the village.

Holdem keeps saying he will hurt end his hostage, which makes Luffy very angry. However, this is interrupted by Speed, who arrives with all the good food. Luffy wants the good food but becomes angry again since only Holdem and his people get to eat it.

Meanwhile, Hawkins enters the Bakura Town, but is stopped by Trafalgar Law (is disguise). He knows Hawkins is aware of who they really are, so he has to get rid of him.

Back to the main scene, Luffy manages to grab O-Tama (with Zoro’s help) from Kamijiro. Luffy looks at her and asks what happened to her cheek. She replies that they got pinched with pliers, which enrages Luffy. He has no mercy anymore and goes all-out on Holdem!

It seems that things are getting more and more exciting with each chapter, so stay tuned for the next ones!