Weekly Manga Review: One Piece 916

Weekly Manga Review: One Piece 916

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from One Piece chapter 916. Read at your own risk.

Yokozuna’s pride fades away (along with his hair) and that makes him rage. Since O-Kiku disgraced him so in front of so many people, he shows no mercy and attacks her, planning to kill her for what she’s done.

However, Luffy jumps in and saves her from a crushing death (literally).

Luffy challenges Yokozuna to a sumo match and tells him he can hurt O-Kiku only after he defeats him, which will never happen. This angers Yokozuna even more and he attacks Luffy, but he dodges every hit.

When it is Luffy’s turn to attack, he lands one blow and just like that he finishes off Yokozuna.

The crowd is outraged and starts attacking the rebel group: Luffy, Zoro and O-Kiku. They hold off the enemies easily and call for the boss of the town. Holdem finally arrives at the scene, but still holds O-Tama as a hostage in the mouth of the lion from his stomach.

From the last panel we can see that some old and familiar faces will come to help and we can expect an all-out battle! Sadly the manga will be on a one-week break, but I’m sure the wait will be worth it!