Weekly Manga Review: Boku no Hero Academia chapter 197

Weekly Manga Review: Boku no Hero Academia chapter 197

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) chapter 197. Read at your own risk.

Last chapter we saw three Asuis heading towards class 1-B. But we know that Asui can’t clone herself. This chapter we know the truth: the other two Asuis and Kaminari and Shinsou, covered in her poisonous mucus. That way they blend in as her, and it makes things way harder for Shishida.

Shinozaki is searching for the enemies with her vines and tells Shishida to spot them all out. In that time, Hiryu is thinking how the enemies can find their location and he notices the pointer stuck on Shishida. However, they don’t have time to talk about that since Shinozaki captures someone with her vines, and it turns out it is Kaminari!

This is bad news for class 1-B, since Kaminari plans to zap them all together. However, Shinozaki uses her vines to create a shield around him and stop the electricity. This doesn’t bring Kaminari down, since he is close to his pointer and can shot electricity through Shishida. But Hiryu realises this and quickly removes the pointer from Shishida.

Hyriu tells Shinozaki to spread her vines again and she replies that she will do so and stops. That wasn’t Hyriu’s real voice, it was Shinsou!

It turns out all of this was Kaminari’s plan! He planned to get caught on purpose in order to use Shinozaki’s vines on him, while Asui and Shinsou take them all down! Shinsou is impressed with his plan and realises how much Kaminari’s experience means on the field.

Hyriu tells Shishida to find the other enemies, but Shishida distrusts that it’s the real him and goes off on his own. Then Hyriu tries to wake up Shinozaki, but Asui is already picking her up and puts her at a distance where Hyriu can’t reach. He then again tries to get the enemies’ location from Shishida, but he still doesn’t reply. Since he was paying attention to Shishida, he doesn’t notice Asui, who takes him down!

Meanwhile, Shishida is searching for Shinsou. He finally finds where is is hidden and attacks him, but Shinsou was also prepared for him.

However, this isn’t enough to keep him down. But, when trying to attack Shinsou again, he hears Hyriu scream to get out of the way. He obviously believes this is Shinsou and doesn’t dodge, so the two collide.

It was Asui throwing Hyriu into Shishida to save Shinsou. With this, class 1-A wins. Asui tells Shinsou he is incredibly strong, but he says it was because of the circumstances they have created for him and he needs to become a pro with his abilities alone.

Shinsou is hard on himself, but everyone else praises him for his abilities despite being to behind and inexperienced compared to the others. How will he do in his next fight? Will he be able to attend the hero course? And how will the others fights between class 1-A and class 1-B go? We shall see it all in the next chapters!