Weekly Manga Review: Boku no Hero Academia chapter 196

Weekly Manga Review: Boku no Hero Academia chapter 196

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) chapter 196. Read at your own risk.

The chapter starts with a flashback of Shinsou explaining to his teammates how his quirk works. We already know that if someone replies to him he can brainwash them, but if they just ignore him he is powerless. That’s how he got the voice changer, to trick people into brainwashing.

Back to the present, Shinsou tries to attack with his bandages but he is too slow and Kosei uses his quirk to stop him and slaps Shishida out of his brainwashing. Kaminari charges at both of them. Shishida throws Kosei off his back and grabs Kaminari and gets electrocuted, but still manages to land a strong blow on his foe.

Tsuyu manages to grab Kosei with her tongue and proceeds to take him to the cell. However, Shishida gets back up and chases her, but Kirishima and Kouda try to stop him.

Shishida realises Kirishima can withstand his power so he throws him to where Shinozaki is so she can tie him up. He then holds Kouda’s mouth so he can’t call his animals anymore. This puts class 1-B with a 2-1 lead, as they captured Kouda and Kirishima and class 1-A caught only Kosei.

Tsuyu, Shinsou and Kaminari gather in a place to come up with a plan. Tsuyu tells them she got an idea, as she noticed that one of Kaminari’s pointers got attached to Shishida so they can point out the location of the class 1-B members. Charging at their locations are three Tsuyus!

It seems like we’ll have a girl fight next chapter! We can’t wait to see how it will go, so stay tuned!