Weekly Manga Review: Boku no Hero Academia chapter 195

Weekly Manga Review: Boku no Hero Academia chapter 195

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) chapter 195. Read at your own risk.

Last chapter we saw that Shinsou will join the clash between class 1-A and class 1-B. This chapter, we get to know the details of this. Shinsou declares in front of everyone that he is not interested in making friends with them, but just wants to have a chance at his dream, even if he is so behind compared to the others. As we may know, his quirk always rose a lot of prejudices about him, but in reality he just wants to be a hero and help others.

As far as the exam goes: each class will be divided into five groups of four. Out of the five matches, Shinsou will be part of two of them, joining class 1-A in the first and class 1-B in the other. The number advantage wouldn’t be much of a problem since he has little to no experience when it comes to these things. In the battle, the team wins if they get to capture four members of the enemy team (so Shinsou being an additional member doesn’t help).

Everyone draws their numbers in order to sort the teams and here they are:

And Shinsou draws out the teams he will join for his matches too:

The battle between the first teams of each class begins. The members of class 1-A use their quirks in order to locate their enemies. They conclude that they will have to deal with the troublesome quirks first, like Shiozaki. Kouda’s birds manage to find her alone, so they decide to go to her. However, the enemies saw through all that.

Shiozaki was just a bait since she would be the most targeted out of all of them. Kirishima, Tsuyu and Kouda are already taken down, with only Kaminari and Shinsou left. However, Shinsou has trick up his sleeve on his own.

Seems like there is more to his quirk than we know and his mask wasn’t there just for the sake of fashion. We shall wait for the next chapter to find out more about him and see more epic battles!