Weekly Manga Review: Boku no Hero Academia 199

Weekly Manga Review: Boku no Hero Academia 199

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) chapter 199. Read at your own risk.

Tokoyami remembers his time working together with Hawks. The first time he worked under him he just did the clean-up job for the Pro Hero. He decided to ask why he picked him. hawks says it’s 20% because they’re both birds, and 50% because he wanted someone from class 1-A to hear about the villains that attacked. This made Tokoyami feel like a carrier pigeon, and in the end he didn’t learn anything during that time.

Tokoyami questioning Hawks.

When the internships came around, Tokoyami went to Hawks again. However, this time he decided to show Hawks what he can do, so he won’t look down on him. Hawks is actually pleased with Tokoyami’s work, and decides to take him for a night flight.

This is when Hawks Tokoyami tells him about the remaining 30%. He thought Tokoyami is wasting a lot of his potential. Tokoyami asks what does this mean. Hawks says it’s good that he is working on his weak points, but he is neglecting his strong ones. There are many things he can do with his power.

Back to the present, Tokoyami prepares himself for Kuroiro’s attack. However, Kuroiro’s plan all along was to distract Tokoyami with this and go for someone else! He sneaks in the shadows and captures Aoyama.

Kuroiro is sure of his victory, since no one could match his speed at this point. He’s in for a surprise though: Tokoyami is flying! And he is flying straight towards him and manages to retrieve Aoyama.

Right then Momo gives out the instructions for both of them: Aoyomo should use his navel buffet while Tokoyami flies around freely with him. This attacks make the shadows keep moving, so Kuroiro has a harder time moving around.

Momo now tells Hagakure to go capture Kuroiro. However, a little mushroom grows on top of her nose! It seems class 1-B had a backup plan in case Kuroiro fails. Next time, class 1-A will face the mushroom girl from class 1-B!

Will Momo be able to react quickly to this too, or are Kendo’s wits better? We can’t wait to find out!