Weekly Manga Review: Boku no Hero Academia 198

Weekly Manga Review: Boku no Hero Academia 198

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) chapter 198. Read at your own risk.

So the first round ended and class 1-A was victorious. Even so, Aizawa asks them to reflect on what they did wrong. All of them pointed out their mistakes (except Kaminari) and decided to work on them. SHinsou is dissapointed that he couldn’t apply even 10% of what he’s learned, but Aizawa assured him that it took him six months to master the cloth. He also tells the others what should they work on to improve.

Vlad also lectures his class on their mistakes. The problem was that they didn’t have a leader. if they did, they may have won the match. Despite their failure, Monoma is there to say they still showed something good and that he’s ready to work with Shinsou to crush class 1-A.

The other teams start to work on their battle plans and the teachers discuss a bit more about this exam and how Shinsou did. All Might thinks he did well and wasn’t timid at all, despite lacking experience.

But without further ado, the second match between the classes is about to start.

Kendo approaches Yaoyorozu and asks if she entered the beauty content, but she says she didn’t. Kendo says that ever since they were in the commercial, the two of them were always boxed together and treated like a pair. But since Yaoyorozu had better grades and a better quirk, that made Kendo feel uncomfortable with people doing this, and says she always wanted to fight her for this and Yaoyorozu accepts the challenge.

Tokoyami is also challenged by a class 1-B student, Shihai Kuroiro. His quirk lets him move freely in anything “black”, so Kuroiro thinks him and Tokoyami are meant to clash.

Sero asks what sort of person Kendo is for class 1-B, and Tetsutetsu tells him excitedly about her qualities and how she is class 1-B’s big sister that brings the whole class together. hearing about her, Todoroki wonders if Yaoyorozu’s operation will work against Kendo’s quick wits.

The match finally starts. Class 1-A makes the first move and sends dark Shadow directly at the enemies. Kuroiro of course takes action on this. Dark Shadow tells Tokoyami he has been caught. Tokoyami tells everyone to disperse and orders Dark Shadow to return. However, when it returns it attacks him!

it was because Kuroiro was controlling it from the inside! Tokoyami acknowledges him as his natural enemy and accepts his challenge to fight! It seems like next time we will see a “dark” battle!