Weekly Manga Review: Boku no Hero Academia 192

Weekly Manga Review: Boku no Hero Academia 192

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) chapter 192. Read at your own risk.

This chapter is entitled “The Todoroki Household” and that’s what it’s mainly about. It’s a chapter of reflection: about one’s goals, their past, their mistakes and their future. A chapter about a man that wants to redeem himself.

The chapter starts showing Endeavor after his battle. He managed to recover but the fight left a big scar on the left side of his face. Then he is seen talking to Hawks about the future and advising him on how to prevent such attacks from now on. After Endeavor leaves, Hawks thinks about his past and his reasons to be a hero. He wishes for a world where heroes would have too much free time on their hands, meaning a world without villains and bad or dangerous things.

The next page shows us Endeavor’s children enjoying a meal together. He isn’t greeted very well by them. Natsu tells him it is too late to redeem himself and that he is still the same man to him even though he did such an heroic act. Endeavor swears that he will face his past and atone for everything he has done so far, but Natsu isn’t convinced and just storms off. His sister just gets upset because she hoped they would become a family again.

Meanwhile, on the TV people were showing mixed feelings about Endeavor, just like his children. Surprisingly, Shouto speaks up and says that even if he can’t forgive his dad for his past, he is looking forward to how he will be in the future. Our half-cold half-hot boy surely has grown, being able to give his own dad a chance after all he’s done.

Then we see Endeavor contemplating on his past mistakes and on ways he can atone for them. He finally sees his duty and goal as a true hero, and swears to give his children a secure future.

At the end of the chapter we also see out hero Deku sleeping and dreaming about the past One for All users. The last page contains a panel showing One for All vs. All for One. What does this means? We shall see in the next chapters, just like we will see how Endeavor will atone for his past sins, so keep reading!