Weekly Manga Review: Black Clover 175

Weekly Manga Review: Black Clover 175

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Black Clover chapter 175. Read at your own risk.

Last time we saw two groups of people we well know already meeting each other. But we also get to see someone new: Zora, who is apparently a member of the Black Bulls that wasn’t introduced before.

With this many people united, they decide to split into groups and check the situation. The plan is not to fight the enemy head on, but to save as many people as possible.

The groups that were formed.

The Silva group make their way in only to be horrified at the number of dead bodies around. Even though Zora was supposed to stick with Noelle and Nozel, he runs off by himself, but knows he should be cautious. After he left, one of the elves attacks the Silvas, but Nozel stops him easily with his magic.

After restraining this one, he feels that the strongest of them is calling. They both head to the tower just to find their siblings in danger. Luckily for them, Nozel is able to stop the enemy’s attacks.

Noelle also attacks. She uses the Roar of the Sea Dragon to attack the enemy, but sadly they were able to react in time and redirect her attack. Nonetheless, Noelle’s siblings are all shocked seeing the magic she can control now.

Noelle’s attack.

Even injured, Nebra tries to help. She casts a mist spell that will be able to hide them so they can regroup. However, their enemy won’t have it. The spell will hold them there and disturb the mana withing the are, making it hard to use magic.

However, this doesn’t stop Nozel, who is ready to fight in this conditions too. Same for Noelle. She also wants to stand and fight and show what she’s been working on for this long. For the first time, she is recognised by her older brother.

Seems like next chapter we will see some epic fights featuring the Silva siblings, stay tuned for it!