Weekly Manga Review: Black Clover 174

Weekly Manga Review: Black Clover 174

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Black Clover chapter 174. Read at your own risk.

Revchi took care of the enemy’s magic, leaving him open so Yami can attack. he does so, but there are more enemies coming. Yami and Finral were both prepared for this and Finral uses his magic to support the two captains.

At the Silva Residence within the Clover Castle things aren’t looking very well. One of the elves is killing everyone in the household. Well, all the nobles. She makes her way to the room where Solid and Nebra are resting. However, when faced with the enemy, Nebra enters combat directly. Sadly, she doesn’t stand a chance.

The situation looks really bad, but the remaining Silva family members & co. come back. They go to reach for Yami and the others, and it seems like the things will get heated at the palace.

Will their united force be able to take down the enemies? I’m sure they will be able to save the day. But to find out for sure, stay tuned for the next chapters!