Weekly Manga Review: Black Clover 173

Weekly Manga Review: Black Clover 173

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Black Clover chapter 173. Read at your own risk.

The former Golden dawn members are heading to the castle lead by Lagris. Inside the castle, the king is busy accusing the Vaude family for having a traitor among them. They try to defend Lagris but the king doesn’t want to hear him.

Meanwhile, the Golden dawn is stopped at the gate of the castle. Or at least they try to get stopped, but they easily defeat the ones standing in their way and making way to the castle.

Finral hears the whole story about Lagris and opens a portal to the castle. Both him and Yami go through the portal and encounter four enemies, which will be troublesome to deal with even for the captain.

Luckily for them, they have backup coming. Not exactly the one they wished for, but backup nonetheless.

Even though Revchi and Yami have their differences, they both want to fight their enemies, so they just charge. However, the enemy has strong magic that gives both of the captains some trouble; they just can’t cut through it.

But our captains can’t go down easily. They gather information about the enemy’s power and return back with a stronger attack. Revchi manages to cut through the “uncuttable” magic.

It seems that Revchi can cut through anything! In the next chapter we will hopefully see him and Yami slice through all their enemies, so stay tuned!