Weekly Manga Review: Black Clover 171

Weekly Manga Review: Black Clover 171

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Black Clover chapter 171. Read at your own risk.

This chapter features the fight of the Crimson Lion members with their now corrupted Vice Captain Randal. They all charge at him, but he keeps them all away with powerful Air Magic attacks.

Despite being overwhelmed by Randal’s power, Leopold isn’t the type of guy to give up easily and unleashes a powerful attack at him.

However, it is negated by the powerful Air Magic that Randal casts. Seeing this, the other members of the Crimson Lions tell Leo to take the ones who can’t fight and run to safety, since he will lead the squad one day. He starts to feeling a burning passion and power inside of him…

…but sadly his body can’t handle it right now.

Randal defeats the remaining members left standing and is about to finish off Leo, but someone stops him. Leo feels a warm mana around him. The one that saved him and came to their aid is none other than the Captain, Fuegoleon!

He’s finally back and he is about to save the day! Together with a Magical Salamander and a lot of determiantion, he will fight Randal. How will the fight go? We will see in the next chapter, I bet it will be exciting!