Weekly Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin season 3 episode 9

Weekly Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin season 3 episode 9

Warning: This contains spoilers from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) season 3 episode 9.

Last time Erwin decided that they will not evacuate the citizens. This sounds crazy, but Hange explains that since the titan is abnormal, it will be attracted to places with a lot of people. So if they evacuate, the titan will follow them and break the wall. They also pointed out that Eren’s titan control didn’t work on him. Erwin assured the others that they will take measures so no citizen will be hurt. He also says that the Scouts will take action in case the cannons won’t work against the titan.

In the morning, one of the officers told people that all of it will be a drill and they should go along with it. The citizens are distrustful and wish to have a king again, even if it’s a fake one.

But this doesn’t last long since they see the smoke fired by the cannons at the titan, who is now very close to the wall. The Scouts look at the titan and see that the cannons don’t do much to it (as expected). Erwin comments on how inexperienced people in this region are, but this is the best they can work with there. Levi agrees, and also tells him that his plan this time is also a gamble. What might that be?

Hange arrives with all the gunpowder, ropes and netting she found. They put all of these together for some sort of self-made weapon, that is most likely part of their plan.

They’re also preparing an even bigger weapon. Historia is working on it when she is approached by Erwin. He tells her he still doesn’t agree with her fighting on the front lines, but she says people wouldn’t believe in a Queen in name only. Erwin asks her what’s her plan, and we see the two of them discussing, but we don’t know what.

Eren looks at Historia and think of how strong she has become. He always thought she was the weak one, but now the realises he is weak. He thinks back at all the mistakes he did and all of the people that died for him. Then he looks at some children in the city and tells Armin they remind him of them on that day. Armin tells him that this time there’s a difference: there are soldier on top of the wall to protect the city, and they are those soldiers.

He then looks at Mikasa who is working hard. She tells him to keep his hands busy since there’s no time to lose. He decides to do so… by punching himself! Mikasa immediately stops him from doing this, and Armin also walks up to him and tells him it’s too early to create a wound. Eren says he was just beating a useless brat.

The soldier continue to fire cannons at the titan. However, they encounter a problem. The wind started to blow in their direction, causing the titan steam to be blown towards them. This makes them not able to see where the titan is. The captain orders to keep blowing the cannons, since the titan must be below even if they don’t see it. This isn’t true. When things clear up, the titan’s face is already against the wall!

Moreover, he manages to put his hands on top of the wall and get on his feet. Because of this we get to see that he doesn’t have his face or his abdomen anymore! Because of how he crawled the entire time, they were torn off from the contact with the ground. Some of his intestines even fall off on the fall. Now not only that he is the biggest titan, but also the grossest.

While the Captains panics that his city will be destroyed, Levi tells him to retreat since they will take over from here. All the Scouts are preparing themselves for battle. Eren transforms into a titan, and under Erwin’s command the others launch the self-made barrel weapons into the titan, making his hands explode and thus lose balance. This is where Eren comes in and runs to the titan.

Erwin’s plan was to blow the titan from the inside, since it would be useless to attack from outside. He thought of throwing gunpowder in the titan’s mouth and let it explode from his own heat. This plan was also a gamble since they didn’t see if the titan has a mouth (anymore) because of how he dragged his face. However, the gamble paid off again and Eren throws the gunpowder into the titan’s mouth, making him explode.

The Scouts then get into action so finish him off. They have to do it before he can regenerate again. The one that lands the last hit is actually Historia herself! When she does, she sees some of Rod’s memories. Still, the titan is defeated and Historia lands somewhere in the city.

Historia landing the final blow on her father.

Luckily, she fell in a safe spot. She wonders if those memories were just her imagination. She then gets up and tell the people surrounding her that she is Historia Reiss, the true ruler of the walls.

In that evening, on the place where the titan came to life, Kenny is walking injured, as the only survivor of his squad. His memories flash before his eyes. he find a tree and rests on it. As he does that, Levi finds him. he looks at Kenny and says he can’t help him now with those wounds. Kenny smiles and shows Levi a syringe with titan serum, making Levi shocked. But he is right, this could save his life for now.

What will Levi do? Will he save the one that saved him when he was a child? And how will Historia’s life change after all of this? We shall see in the next episodes!