Weekly Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin season 3 episode 8

Weekly Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin season 3 episode 8

Warning: This contains spoilers from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) season 3 episode 8.

The Scouts realise they are trapped inside, but they don’t have much time to think about it since they see the titan transformation. Armin sees an escape and together with Moblit he takes Hange out, while the others remain.

Eren keeps telling Historia to run and leave him behind to get eaten by Rod, but she doesn’t want to hear it. She says that despite being an enemy to humanity, she is an ally to him, and will help anyone that thinks they aren’t needed.

The currents from the titan get stronger and blow Historia away, but Mikasa arrives in time to catch her. The other members of the Levi squad come and free Eren. The titan form of Rod keeps growing and growing (bigger than the Colossal Titan!) and the “building” is collapsing. Everyone is trapped inside because of this. Eren breaks down and cries about being useless and not being the hope for humanity. The others try to cheer him up by saying they’ve been through worse. They’re all thinking of how to escape, and Levi once again tells Eren to make a choice.  Eren picks up a bottle that says “armor” on the floor, runs towards the titan and breaks it in his mouth.

This enables his hardening abilities! The rest of the squad get under him to be protected. Meanwhile, Kenny’s squad isn’t that lucky and gets hit by the debris. Armin and Moblit manage to get Hange outside as far away as they could, so none of them can be hurt. Erwin and his troops also arrive close to the scene, and Erwin orders everyone to go forward, despite the size of the titan.

We see Mikasa and Jean getting Eren out of his titan form. Even after he got out, the titan shape remained. He managed to perform a successful hardening that will help him seal the hole in Wall Maria. Sasha and Connie cleared a path for everyone and they all get out safely.

Erwin and Levi’s squad finally reunite. Levi tells Erwin that that titan is Rod Reiss. Erwin tells everyone to retreat to where the titan is most likely heading: Orvud District.

On their way back, the Levi squad discuss their findings and their possible solutions that work around their knowledge. One would be to let Rod Reiss eat Eren, turn him back into human, undo the brainwashing he would get from the First King and save everyone.

The one that objects to this is Historia, who says they can’t be sure they can undo the brainwashing. Armin agrees with her. She tells Eren that his father actually wanted to save humanity from the First King. They all agree, and Mikasa says there might be a way to save humanity without the Reiss blood, and that solution is locked inside Eren’s basement. They all agree with this idea, but Hange asks Historia if she really is okay with it, since this means they will have to kill Rod.

Historia admits that she thought of killing Eren and do her father’s will since she didn’t want him to hate her, but it’s time to say goodbye.

At the Orvud District, Levi tells Historia she has one more duty to fulfil: when everything is over she has to become Queen, since she is the true successor to the throne. The others try to defend her, saying it might be too much for her after the battle she just fought with her own blood, but she takes it as her next duty and accepts it.

However, she has a condition. Since it’s her own fate, she will lay it on the line. She wants to fight along with everyone.

Having all this set, they discuss the plans to defeat the Rod titan. Erwin simply says they won’t evacuate the district, leaving everyone in shock.

This episode was quite the ride, and it seems like the next one will be too! How does Erwin plan to defeat the biggest titan they encountered? We shall wait and see!