Weekly Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin season 3 episode 7

Weekly Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin season 3 episode 7

Warning: This contains spoilers from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) season 3 episode 7.

The episode starts off by showing Historia, Rod and Eren. Rod tells Historia that Frieda isn’t completely dead and that her memory lives on. He asks her if she wishes to see her sister and she says yes. Hearing his answer, he pulls out a syringe to give it to her. At the sight of it Eren starts to struggle, as he knows what that syringe actually is.

The syringe Rod prepared for Historia.

Meanwhile, the Scouts started their attack. With the help of powder kegs and the smoke signal shells they make it harder to the enemies to shot them. The entire plan was made up by Armin, who noticed the weakness in the enemies’ gear and came out with the best ways to exploit them. Using the smoke and the way better fighting abilities they had, the Scouts take down enemies one by one. However, the big boss also appears, as Kenny comes to fight Levi.

Both of them engage in a one-on-one from which Levi emerges victorious, being able to land a hit on Kenny! Hurt, Kenny retreats.

Traute Caven, the second in command of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad within the Military Police Brigade, seeing how overwhelmed they are by the situation, plans to find an opening so the rest can retreat. Hange engages in battle with her, but Traute quickly reacts and hits her with her mobility hook and then throws her into a wall. The other Scouts saw this and were left in shock, and the Military Police Squad members made their retreat and trapped the Scouts inside.

Hange knocked out.

Back to where Historia and the others are, her dad starts to explain what the syringe will be used for. He tells her that Frieda knew the secrets of this world and that Grisha Jaeger stole them from her and now they are inside of Eren. However, this powers can’t manifest inside of Eren since he doesn’t have the reiss family blood, so Historia has to eat him and get the knowledge that might save the world from Titans.

The one that is the most shocked hearing this is… Kenny! It is implied that all along to planned to be the successor, but hearing that he can’t made him angry. He holds the gun at Rod but Historia stops him. He then tells Historia she is pitiful, since her father just wants to turn her into a monster and eat Eren. Historia replies that she should do this, as it is her duty.

Kenny tells her that Rod always forced others to turn into Titans while he was safe, but Rod says he mustn’t turn into a Titan no matter what, and that Historia should just believe him on this. Rod tells Kenny that he is now free and he can go find another purpose in life. He replies that that would be boring, and then climbs the stairs leading to Eren. He frees Eren’s mouth and cuts his forehead, saying the fight should be fair, both Historia and Eren being in their Titan forms and fighting to death.

Rod rushes to Historia to give her the injection and instructions on how she should eat Eren. She hesitates injecting herself and then turned to Eren, who wasn’t transforming, and asked him why. Eren looks at her crying and tells her none of this should’ve happened, but it did and so many people died because of what his father did 5 years ago. he says he can’t atone for it all, so she should at least eat him and save humanity.

This makes Historia hesitate even more, and she asks her father why in 100 years why no one from the Reiss family liberated humanity from the Titans. He tells her that the first King wished for humans to be controlled by Titans, but he doesn’t know why and the secret is hidden in those memories. He also tells her that when he saw his brother, who inherited the powers, he understood that those powers are the powers of a God. He then proceeds to inject Historia with the syringe. She remembers how Ymir told her to live a life she is proud of. This makes her slap the syringe out of her father’s hands.

he gets mad at her for destroying the syringe, but she knocks him down on the floor and tells him he just manipulates people. She then runs to Eren and unlocks his cuffs. Eren tells her to just eat him, but she just yells at him to stop being a crybaby. She tells him she doesn’t want to exterminate the Titans and that she hates humanity, which makes her humanity’s biggest enemy. She also tells Eren to escape as she will destroy everything else.

However, Rod crawls on the floor and licks the liquid from the syringe and turns into a Titan!

What will they do now that Rod is a Titan? How will Historia’s decision affect humanity? And will Hange survive after the damage she took in this battle? We shall find out in the next episodes!