Weekly Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin season 3 episode 6

Weekly Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin season 3 episode 6

Warning: This contains spoilers from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) season 3 episode 6.

This episode reveals a lot of secret to us. It continues to Eren and Historia’s meeting in the ice-looking cave. Historia and her father plan to tell the truth about the past to Eren. Well, showing him instead of telling him. They both put their hands on Eren’s back and various images come into the mind. it seems that the Reiss family has the power to manipulate memories.

However, Eren isn’t the only one that remebers something. Historia herself has visions of her past. She remembers a beautiful and kind girl that used to spend a lot of time with her as a child. She taught her various things and made her feel like she isn’t alone in the world. However, every time they parted the girl erased her memories so Historia could forget about her.

Historia’s memory.

Her father tells her that it must’ve been Frieda, her older half-sister. Hearing this, Historia asks where she can find her in order to thank her. Rodd tells her she is no longer with them and tells her the truth about her death. The one that killed the Reiss family was actually Grisha Jaeger. He turned into a titan and attacked them because he wanted the power Frieda had. Even though her power was overwhelming, she wasn’t able to properly use it ye, so she lost the fight and Grisha ate her. After that he killed the rest of the family, with only Rodd being able to escape.

Meanwhile, the secrets of the Reiss family reach the ears of Erwin and the others too. Zachary is enjoying himself by torturing the ex-government nobles and getting information out of them, which they spill pretty easily. This information doesn’t stop Erwin from pushing forward, and together with his troops he heads to the Reiss territory.

Levi’s squad, who is ahead of the others in reaching the Reiss land, discuss Kenny, who will most likely be there to face them. Levi tells them what he knows about him and admits he found out his real name, Kenny Ackerman, only recently. He asks Mikasa if she knows everything. She only know that both the Ackermans and the Oriental race were persecuted and that’s how they met. However, Mikasa doesn’t know why her dad’s family wasn’t liked, since they weren’t a different race like her mother’s. Levi asks her if she ever felt like power suddenly woke inside of her. She says it happened, and Levi said it happened to him and Kenny too. The Ackerman bloodline seems to have superior physical abilities, which would explain why all Ackermans we know are skilled in combat.

Levi talking about the Ackermans.

Back to the Reiss land, Kenny has a flashback too. He remembers his late grandfather, lying on his deathbed. He asks why the Ackermans live in such a poor state, since they once served the king. His grandfather tells him that the Power of the Titans doesn’t work on some noble families, making some of them turn their back to the king. Those were the Ackermans and the Oriental clan. They cannot be controlled, so they are feared.

Kenny’s grandfather.

Levi’s squad reach their destination and get ready for battle. Kenny’s squad is also ready to battle and to die for their commander, who seems to have a dream to turn the tables on this rotten and meaningless world. This promises us a next episode full of action and fighting!

This episode revealed a lot of the world’s secrets to us, and hopefully we will find out more and more as time goes by. Let’s stay tuned!