Weekly Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin season 3 episode 2

Weekly Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin season 3 episode 2

Warning: This contains spoilers from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) season 3 episode 2.

The first episode left us on a cliffhanger but now episode 2 is out and we get to see what happens! Captain Levi ends up being a one man army against Kenny and all of his allies. I just want to mention that the animation of Levi’s movements in these scenes is gorgeous, kudos to the animators for putting so much effort into making such a great animation.

While escaping from the attack, he ends up in a bar, but Kenny finds him and Levi ends up being surrounded. However, Levi uses his brains and skills to put out Kenny for a while and escape the building, while defeating his squad members too.

In the distance, Sasha hears the gunshots and warns the others about them. With Levi’s words in mind, “from now on, we’ll be fighting human, too, and not just titans”, the squad rushes towards the place where the gunshots from, even though they are hesitant, except Mikasa.

On their way, they see Eren and Historia passed out in a wagon, with Levi chasing after it. They all unite and chase the wagon together, and Armin and Jean manage to take over it. However, the girl from the wagon doesn’t go down so easily and she is about to shot Jean!

The one that kills the girl and saves Jean is the least expected person to do so: Armin! He saves Jean, but there are too many enemies and in order to escape they had to let Eren and Historia go for now.

We then see Armin feeling sick and traumatized by what he has done. As someone fragile and not as experienced in combat as the others, he is feeling extremely unpleasant for doing what he did. He’s wondering how did he end up doing it above everyone else, and Jean apologizes for letting this happen because he hesitated before.

Levi tells him that by pulling the trigger he saved Jean and they all managed to escape together, but that is also no way to turn back now. This is Levi’s way of trying to console him but also warn him.

After their discussion, they turn their attention to Dimo Reeves, one of the people they captured in the previous episode after freeing Armin and Jean. Levi has a proposals to him: join them and have both sides help each other.

Meanwhile, Hange goes to inform Erwin that Eren and Historia have been abducted and that conform to the conversation between Ymir and Bertholdt, Eren will get eaten!

Reeves accepts Levi’s offer to become his ally, because he tricks the Military Police that were together with him and lured them into a trap, where Levi’s squad capture them all. They proceed to torture them for information, especially Sannes. He doesn’t give in to the torture, and his sincere reasons even make Hange feel bad for him.

Hearing that his comrades just gave away easily and that they don’t care as much as he does, he feels hopeless and just tells Levi and Hange the truth when they come back: that Reiss is the true royal family.

Meanwhile, at night, Reeves is killed in the street by Kenny for being a traitor. He didn’t ask anything about where Levi is, because he says he knows him better than anyone. Also, Kenny reveals something many of us have been waiting for: Levi’s full name.

Since they now know that the Reiss family is the true royal family and Historia is the true royal successor, Hange deduces that if they find Rod Reiss they will find Eren and Historia there too.

She is correct, as the next scene shows Rod, Historia and Eren in the same room, with Rod hugging and apologizing to Historia. How will things be between them now? Will the squad manage to rescue them? Why is he hidden? So many questions are left unanswered, but they will be answered in the next episodes.

In this episode we finally have the official ending, and Linked Horizon is back to make songs for this show. The footage features mostly Historia when she was little, so we can be sure we’ll find answers about her past in this season.