Weekly Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin season 3 episode 10

Weekly Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin season 3 episode 10

Warning: This contains spoilers from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) season 3 episode 10.

Last time, we saw that Levi found Kenny basically on his death bed. As he lays beside the tree, Kenny remembers parts of his past. The first thing he remembers is how he met Uri Reiss, Rod’s brother. Kenny attempted to murder him, but Uri used his titan form and easily grabbed him, holding him hostage.

Rod points a gun at Kenny, but Uri tells him to not shoot, since he might be able to provide useful information. Then Rod tells Uri to use his powers to make him talk, but Uri guesses right that Kenny is an Ackerman and he has his own reasons for wanting to kill him. Kenny starts to panic and throws his knife in Uri’s arm.

Since that didn’t help him, his panic grows more and he starts to desperately ask for forgiveness. To his surprise, Uri actually puts him down. He gets out of the titan and kneels in front of Kenny. He understands his grudge, but says he cannot die right now. He then bows and asks for forgiveness. Even inside such small walls, he couldn’t bring peace.

This touched Kenny and he said he wants to help Uri, to which he agreed. Kenny now took part of the council under the Reiss family. This wasn’t at all pleasing for him, but because of this the Ackerman persecution ended.

Then he remembers his visit at the brothel where his sister worked. When he walks in he tells her she’s in a worse condition than before. A voice tells him she is dead. the voice that spoke was little Levi, her child. He looked almost dead too. Kenny felt distraught at the loss of his sister, and seeing her child like that made him take Levi. He didn’t plan to be his parent, but fed him and thought him the things he had to know in order to live underground, like swinging a knife (and others).

At a chapel, everyone is praying together with King Uri. Sannes praises the King and asks kenny why he sided with him. Kenny says it’s probably because he is the strongest. To him, only the strongest can survive. After this, we see a scene where a young Levi beats up a man and Kenny just walks away, leaving him behind.

The scene shifts to Kenny and Uri sitting and talking. Uri doesn’t have more to live, but he says he will live inside Rod’s children, who will inherit his power. He also says the world will crumble in a close future, but he wishes to build paradise then. Kenny believes the two of them became friends because of the violence between them, but Uri thinks it was a miracle, what happened that day. That is one thing Kenny can’t agree with.

After this, Uri got eaten by Frieda and she took his place. Looking at her, Kenny realises that Uri is indeed there too. She preached about love, peace and such. Kenny thought all of this is useless, but wondered if he could do and feel the same if he had their power.

Shortly after, Kenny became the captain of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad. Nobody says anything, and he believes it’s because a killer was appointed as their captain. Traute replies that it doesn’t mater to her who is the captain since everything is pointless anyway. Kenny laughs at this and tells them the true meaning behind this squad is to help him fulfil his grand dream.

Finally, we’re back the the present, with Kenny laying on the tree and Levi confronting him. Kenny shows the syringe to Levi, and say that with this he cam extend his life. Levi replies that he had the time and strength to do it until now, but he didn’t. Kenny says he wanted to do it properly so he won’t be messed up like Rod. He thinks back at everyone he met and realises that everyone was a slave to something.

Levi doesn’t waste time on this and immediately asks Kenny to tell him everything he knows. He says he doesn’t know, but the Ackerman’s opposed the King for that reason. Then Levi asks what Kenny was to his mom, and he replies he was her brother. The next question is why he abandoned him that day. Kenny just says it’s not meant for him to be a parent. After this, he gives Levi the syringe and finally passes away.

After this, we see Historia getting crowned as the queen. Everyone admires her for killing Rod’s titan and saving humanity. Apparently, this was her plan all along. When she talked to Erwin back then, she said she should deal the killing blow on the titan to gain the people’s trust. And it worked.

Historia, the new queen.

After the coronation, Historia heads to Levi to punch him for how he treated her. Everyone encourages her on this, except Eren. They meet Levi and Historia rushes at him and punches his arm. Everyone expect for an angry reaction, but they’re surprised when they see Levi smiling and thanking them.

At the end of the episode, we see Reiner’s titan form defeated, and Berthholdt rushing to pick him out of the titan. The ones that defeated him was the Ape Titan we’ve seen before! We also get a glimpse of his user. This might be the new enemy our heroes will have to face.

In this episode we saw that Kenny wasn’t a cold-blooded killer, but a man that wished to save the people and himself. he wanted to see how it is to feel compassionate, and if someone like him can actually feel like that. Despite the Scout’s victory and Historia’s coronation, it seems that their problems won’t stop here. How will they face their new foe? We can just wait and see.