Weekly Anime Review: Overlord III episode 9

Weekly Anime Review: Overlord III episode 9

Warning: This contains spoilers from Overlord III episode 9.

Following the events of the previous episode, the Emperor shows himself to Aura and mare. He decides that he has to go visit Ains Ooal Gown in order to protect his country.

The Emperor and his loyal Knights travel towards the Tomb of Nazarick. On their way they discuss the state of their own country, and the Emperor expresses how curious he is about Ains Ooal Gown. When they arrive at their destination, they are greeted by Yuri Alpha and Lupisregina Beta.

To welcome their guests, the two maids fix the weather, making it sunny and pleasant. This actually scares their guests, as this sort of magic is on a whole different level than what they know. They also get scared of the Death Knights marching around. The maids reassure them that the Knights aren’t dangerous for them and they are all safe. Paladyne loses his mind at the sight of all this and asks the Emperor if he wants to run away, but he says he won’t. Right choice, since the maids tell them to get comfortable and serve them drinks.

When the preparations are ready, they all enter the Tomb of Nazarick. Lord Ains and the Emperor present each other, but Demiurge thinks they shouldn’t talk as equals and subdues them. Lord Ains tells him to not do that and apologises for his behavior. The Emperor says no further apology is needed, since subordinates can act on their own, just like his. To show this, he brought the head of the nobleman who sent the workers into Nazarick. Lord Ains accepts it and instantly turns it into a Death Knight to his visitors’ shock.

Lord Ains tells the Emperor that since his subordinate caused problems there is no need for him to apologise anymore and that he can go home. Lord Ains also tells him they will get busy, since now they will have a lot of trouble with the tomb uncovered. Emperor Jircniv proposes an alliance between them. He suggests that Lord Ains should build his own country and rule over it. He will give him all the support. To his surprise, Lord Ains accepts this. Emperor Jircniv also asks if he needs something right now, and Lord Ains says he wants a way to contact them. The Emperor offers his secretary for this, while Lord Ains offers Demiurge.

With all being said, the Emperor departs. Shalltear asks why did he make a human his collaborator, And Lord Ains tells her that ruling everybody with fear will make enemies. To this, demiurge adds that there is way more to Lord Ains’ thinking and how far his plan goes. Sadly, Lord Ains doesn’t know himself what he means, so he tells demiurge to explain it.

On his way back, the Emperor tells his subordinates that he chose this path because Ains Ooal Gown is too powerful and might destroy the Empire. They all agree with him, admitting that humankind could never fight such a monster. When wondering how did Lord Ains have so much information about the Empire. This makes him realise that Paladyne didn’t stay beack to learn more about the magic there, meaning he knew of it already, meaning he has betrayed him.

The Emperor wants to create an alliance in order to defeat Lord Ains in a way it won’t be obvious he did so. Seeing the powerful creatures living inside the tomb made him realise there might be someone out there just as powerful, who will be willing to fight Lord Ains.

This is exactly what demiurge has explained to others. Since everything is going to their plan, they want to decide on a title that would fit their ruler when he will become King. Everyone suggests a title, but the winner is Cocytus, who suggested he should be called Sorcerer King.

It turns out that the Emperor was right about Paladyne’s betrayal. When he met Momon and saw his enormous power, he begged to be his student, saying in return he will give him everything he has.

Arriving back to the Bahamut Empire, the Emperor prepares for a battle to protect humanity. How will this unfold? Can his plan do something against Lord Ains? We shall find out!