Weekly Anime Review: Overlord III episode 8

Weekly Anime Review: Overlord III episode 8

Warning: This contains spoilers from Overlord III episode 8. 

As the Foresight members have suspected, they will have to fight a foe in the arena they found. But not just any foe, Lord Ains Ooal Gown himself! I think we already know that they will stand no chance.

The Workers realise that themselves, and Hekkeran tries to talk their way out of this situation. His first attempt was telling Ains that they will pay him so he will let them go. This obviously doesn’t work on him. The next try was to tell Lord Ains that they got permission to enter the tomb. While giving vague descriptions of the one who gave them permission and looking for a way to escape while Lord Ains was thinking, he asked what did his comrade actually say. Here is where Hekkeran makes a crucial mistake.

Since none of his comrades would call him just “Ains”, Lord Ains loses his patience with all of Hekkeran’s lies. He bursts out in anger because all this thieves came into the tomb him and his friends made and even lying to him about it. It’s an unleash of wrath we actually haven’t seem from Lord Ains before.

After he lets it all out, he quickly returns to his normal self. He is done with talking and starts the fight. The Foresight members attack him with their (supposedly) usual formation and attacks but they can’t even scratch Lord Ains.

Lord Ains decides that this won’t do, so he gets rid of his fighting equipment and decides to rely on his magic. They are all shocked that he is a magic caster, but Arche uses her detection magic and tells them she doesn’t sense any magic from him. She will come to regret this, since when Lord Ains takes off his ring she throws up from all the magic coming from him.

She tells them it’s impossible to fight him. They realised that, but there’s no way they can escape either, so they just have to fight. They do so, but it’s useless. As Ains goes behind Imina to attack her, Hekkeran rushes in to push her away and save her. He manages to save his beloved for now, but this makes him the first one to go down.

Imina blames Hekkeran for letting his feelings get in the way of his duty, but following his footsteps she tries to get through Lord Ains with words. She tells him that The Adamantite Adventurer Momon will face him if they do not return. Lord Ains simply replies that he won’t be of help. In this situation, Imina and Roberdyck decide to save at least one member: Arche. They tell her to use Fly and escape, so she can live with her sisters. After some hesitation, she decides to listen to them and flies away.

Touched by this bond, Lord Ains tells the other two he will have mercy for the girl. He calls Shalltear and tells her to teach the girl what despair is and kill her without pain. To him, this is what mercy meant. Angered that he won’t let her live, Imina and Roberdyck charge at Lord Ains.

But obviously they stand no chance and they are defeated as well. They will allbe used to benefit Nazarick, especially Roberdyck, who will be used as a guinea pig for Lord Ains’ experiments.

Meanwhile, Arche had to take a break from her flight. Doing so lets Shalltear catch up to her. She gets back up to fly away but hits a magic barrier. She realises she can’t escape and instead has one attempt to fight Shalltear but stands no chance. Shalltear grabs her and finishes her off without pain, just like Lord Ains ordered her to.

After this, we see Lord Ains making sure that everything was done correctly after the attack, and prepares to go see Mare and Aura to depart.

We also see Arche’s little sisters, waiting by the window and wondering when she will come back. They think about her and the things they will do with her excitedly. Little do they know that she will never come back.

At the palace of the Baharuth Empire, the Emperor is discussing the death of all the workers, the power of Ains Ooal Gown and what they should do next. However, this is interrupted by the crashing sound made by a dragon landing in the inner garden. Riding it there were Aura and Mare. They announce that Lord Ains will destroy the entire country because they sent thieves to his tomb if the leader won’t come to apologise to him. They started this by killing everyone in that garden.

How will the Emperor respond to this and what will happen to the Bahamut Empire? We shall see their fate in the next episodes!