Weekly Anime Review: Overlord III episode 3

Weekly Anime Review: Overlord III episode 3

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Overlord III episode 3. Read at your own risk.

The third episode of Overlord’s third season is out and things and we have some new exciting things to look forward to.

This episode focused on a character we’ve known for a long time, Enri Emmot.

In case you don’t remember her, she’s the girl from the Carne Village which Momon saved and gave her a magical item that allows her to summon goblins and have them do thigs her way.

The little goblin that was saved by Enri and the others gets to talk about the dangers that he faced and that might befall upon the Carne Village. Hearing all of it, they all decide to take some action. After their discussion, Nfirea tells Beta that he managed to make a new potion and he asked her to show is to Lord Gown.

Nfirea giving Beta the potion.

That night, Enri has another thing to worry about: the goblins have captures some ogres and want Enri to rule them too. She accepts and tames the ogres easily.

The next day, she goes to E-Rantel by herself. There she faces another problem: the guards won’t let her pass and think she is suspicious. After an inspection, they find the powerful magic item that controls the goblins and decide that she is someone up to no good, not just a village girl, and proceed to arrest her. However, Momon is always at the right place at the right time and tells the guards to let her pass. All the events just leave the poor girl in a state of confusion though.

Her first stop is the city’s Adventurer’s Guild. She seeks help to protect the village from the possible attack that might come. The lady working at the guild seemed rather unfriendly and uncooperative at first, but later she wanted to hear all the details and offer any help she can (what changed her mind, I wonder?).

After finishing her job in the city, Enri meets with the goblins that escorted her to town. They have a nice chat by the campfire and Enri hands them new weapons she bought for them as a token of her gratitude for all the work they do for her and the village.

Things don’t slow down for Enri though: when she returns to the village, the chief talks to her and asks her to be the new chief. Overwhelmed by the responsibility of such a title when she is just a village girl, she takes her time to think and talk to others about it. She talks to the closest to her, Nfirea, and he convinces her that she is suitable for this position. Feeling motivated, Enri leave to talk to the current chief.

This episode wasn’t action-packed or intense, but it gave us some rough ideas about what to expect in the next episodes. We can’t wait to see how things will develop!