Weekly Anime Review: Overlord III episode 12

Weekly Anime Review: Overlord III episode 12

Warning: This contains spoilers from Overlord III episode 12.

The episode starts showing us Emperor Jircniv discussing the war. He explains that he wanted Ains Ooal Gown to display his power so everyone can see what a threat he is and form a grand alliance. He assumes Gown’s power could kill three thousand people with a single spell. The others are surprised hearing this, but the Emperor considers they should expect the worst. Also in this way they can see his power too, and think of a way to beat it.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom’s troops are prepared. Since they have more people than the Empire, they are already sure of their victory. The King appreciates everyone’s high morale. Marquis Raeven and Gazef have a conversation. Raeven comments on how Gazef was entrusted with the great sword Razor Edge, and like this he became a treasure to the Kingdom. Gazef is modest as always and says it’s just because the king allowed a commoner like him to use it. Raeven then says the Majesty has great trust in Gazef, since he even sent prince Barbro to safety under his indirect suggestion. he also says that now since he is a father he understands how it is to want to protect your children. Their conversation is being interrupted by the enemy soldiers that finally start to move.

The soldiers move to make way for Ains Ooal Gown and his undead army. Everyone immediately realises his great power. Raeven and Gazef both agree that they must retreat in defeat as fast as they can. Since nobody is attacking him, Lord Ains concludes that there are no players in the Kingdom’s army. He then casts a spell that easily wipes out 70,000 people, leaving everyone (including the Baharut Empire soldiers) in shock.

Lord Ains laughs and says this is just the beginning of his spell. He said those were sacrifices for the goddess of fertility, who will send her children after. This happens pretty soon, as a black sphere emerges from the sky and absorbs all the fallen men. Soon after, five horrible monsters come to life.

While everyone is horrified, Lord Ains laughs and says he beat a new record, since no one else was able to summon five of them. Mare congratulates him, and so does Nimble (even though he is scared to death). The plan was him to display his power, but it would be a waste to not use the monsters he just summoned. He orders them to go attack everyone, except a selected four people (which aren’t mentioned). They do just that, and the soldiers don’t even eract, thinking this is all just a bad dream.

Some other soldiers that were ordered to attack tried to do so, but had no chance. Others tried to run away on their horses, like Marquis Raeven and his men. However, the monsters were faster and started to catch up. Raeven’s man decided to distract the monster so their leader can escape. With a broken heart, he runs away and leaves his comrades to die.

Lord Ains takes off his mask and opens up his clothes, revealing his true undead form. He then asks everyone to applaud his great power. Mare is the one that starts, and the soldier continue, even though they are still terrified. Nimble just looked around him, terrified as well.

Lord Ains asking for applause.

One of the monsters is heading towards Lord Ains and the other soldiers. They keep applauding, but their fear towards the monster gives in and they start to run away, even though Nimble tried to stop them. The monster picks up Lord Ains and put him on top of it. Then Lord Ains tells him he will continue to attack in their place. Nimble asks if he hasn’t had enough of murdering yet, but Lord Ains isn’t affected by this and plans his attack.

Nimble being terrified of Lord Ains’ cruelty.

The few guards that the king has left tell him he should retreat back to E-Rantal. Climb and Brain go over and see how few guards the king has left. Since there is nothing the king can do there, he accepts to retreat. They plan how to help the king escape. Climb offers to be one of the decoys that will distract the monsters so the king can escape, and Brain offers to assist too. The king says he will grant them any wish if they return to E-Rantel safely. Climb says he desires no reward, but Brain says he wants Climb to marry the princess. The king laughs and says he will see what he can do. This will give Climb a good reason to return safely.

Back to the battlefield, everyone is running away in fear. Only one man stands calmly and ready to fight: Gazef Stronoff. He uses his abilities to investigate his enemy. No weaknesses. However, he is still ready to fight the monster to protect his kingdom.

When the monster passes him, he attacks on of its legs, but with no results. The monster just shoves him away after this. He thinks the monster decided he’s not worthy of fighting, but that’s not the case. When he’s about to charge at it again, he sees another one coming towards him. It was the one Lord Ains was riding. This is when he sees that the Master Ains Ooal Gown he knew isn’t human.

Climb and Brain join Gazef and are ready to fight together with him. However, the monster stops in front of them. Lord Ains gets off the monster and greets Gazef. He greets him back and asks what he actually desires. Lord Ains replies that he wants Gazef to become his subordinate. If he accepts, he will stop his attack, but if he doesn’t, he will give new orders to his monsters. However, Gazef refuses, since he is too loyal to the king. He apologises for his rudeness and suddenly challenges Lord Ains to a duel!

Will Lord Ains accept? How will the duel go, if he does so? We shall see in the next episode, it all sounds very exciting!