Weekly Anime Review: Overlord III episode 11

Weekly Anime Review: Overlord III episode 11

Warning: This contains spoilers from Overlord III episode 11.

Prince Barbro is heading towards the Carne Village, despite not wanting to have such a mission. However, he gets the idea to use the villagers to negotiate things with Gown. If he can draft the villagers as his own soldiers and Gown kills them it will reveal his true nature. proud of his idea, he marches ahead.

At the Carne Village, we see that Enri is busy preparing for winter. We also see that she is annoyed when people call her Chief. All of these expectations of her are exhausting. Nfirea tries to cheer her up, and the two get close and intimate for a bit, but sadly they are an interrupted by a goblin who brings news about an emergency.

Prince Barbro arrives at the village gate together with his army. Enri tries to distract them while the ogres are hiding. Lupisregina reports all of this to Lord Ains and he orders her to keep watch and protect the four important people from that village.

The royal army asks for information on Gown, and since the villagers do not respond, Prince Barbro considers them as enemies. The soldier set fire to the village’s observation tower. Seeing this, Enri asks the villagers if they agree with the kingdom or if they want to fight it. Everyone chooses to fight.

Jugem plans their strategy. The women and children should be able to escape through the back gate into the forest if the men manage to gather all of the enemies’ forces to the front gate. They go with this idea, and Jugem says Enri and Nfirea should lead this operation. Enri wants to stay behind, but everyone tells her to leave. In the end she accepts.

The front gates open and the royal army goes forward. However, they get attacked by ogres! That’s definitely not something they might’ve expected. obviously, the ogres easily defeat the front line soldier. After this, they just walk back to the village. Prince Barbro noticed that the ogres seemed to intelligent, which means someone controls them. He ordered the destruction of the village and murder of everyone who tries to escape.

The ogres attacking.

The kids escape through the back along with Enri and Nfirea. Or so they thought. A part of the armyw as still there and is now chasing them! Nfirea stops and says he will buy some time, but Enri has a better idea. She uses her magical horn to call more goblins to help them.

This works even better than expected, since a huge army of strong goblins come to help. Not only that, but they also have a great goblin strategist by their side! With this, their army will surely be victorious.

The Goblin Strategist.

Even Lord Ains is surprised by the goblin army the horn called. The royal army proceeds to attack the goblin army under the prince’s command, even if a soldier asked for a retreat order. There is not only one army of goblins; there are various armies, each having different skills! Beast Riders, Longbowmen, Magic Support Corps, Magic Bombardment Squad, all of them are fighting in the name of General Enri.

The goblins’ attacks.

Seeing this, Prince Barbro finally orders retreat, but the Assassin Goblin Squad and a Redcap Goblin are there to stop them. However, they let the prince and a few of his men escape, since the Goblin Strategist ordered them to do so.

The redcap goblin.

Meanwhile, Lord Ains is thinking about this news horn effect, while Mare admires him for thinking this would happen. This puts him in an awkward spot once again, but there’s nothing he can do about it.

The night comes and Prince Barbro and his men are ersting somewhere. But this doesn’t last for long, since Lupisregina approaches them. She tells the prince she serves Lord Ains and she was behind that huge goblin army. She brought some Redcaps to murder the rest of the army’s men, and they do just that. However, it seems like she wants to murder the prince herself. We shall see next time what she does to him.