Weekly Anime Review: Overlord III episode 10

Weekly Anime Review: Overlord III episode 10

Warning: This contains spoilers from Overlord III episode 10.

Since the Baharut Empire became an ally of Nazarick, they sent a message to the Re-Estize Kingdom that the land around E-Rantel belongs to Ains Ooal Gown and they should give it back to him. One of the nobles says that this cannot be accepted and that they should go to war. The one that opposes is is none other than Gazef Stronoff, because he knows how strong Ains Ooal Gown actually is.

The King believes in his words, but cannot accept the suggestion, saying that a King cannot give away his land without a fight. Both the noble and the royal factions agreed with the decision to go to war. The King orders his subordinate to delay the response as much as possible (this means two months).

Prince Barbro announces that he also wants to join the battle. The other opposed this, but he didn’t want to hear. They compromised by providing him with 4,000 men to go to battle with.

After this scene we get to see a bit of Marquis Raeven’s life. He seems to be very intelligent, since he realises what danger the Kingdom he actually is in. But he also has a side of a loving father, who spoils and treats his child with love. He wants to try his best for the sake of his son.

Two months pass. The nobles from Re-Estize discuss their plan. Marquis Raeven’s man reported six different coats of arms on the battlefield, and that Ains Ooal Gown will most likely stand on the battlefield too. Marquis Boullope wants to give Prince Barbro a mission: he wants him to gather information from the Carne village about Gown. The prince opposes to this, but the King commands him to do so.

Marquis Boullope also asks who will lead all the units in this war, saying that he would be a good fit for this. However, the King chooses Marquis Raeven for this role. After this there are no more questions and everyone goes to prepare for battle.

After this meeting, the king and Gazef talk alone. They both believe that Marquis Boullope’s decision was to protect Prince Barbro from harm. The king also mentions that he wishes to leave a peaceful country to the one that will be next in line on the throne. This conversation is interrupted by Marquis Raeven. He says that putting him in charge was a good decision, but he wants to retire for a while after the war is over. The king approves of this, and both him and Gazef tell him how much respect and admiration have for him. After this, Raeven is ready to discuss his plans.

In the evening, Gazef goes to talk to Brain and Climb. After giving Climb some lessons about awareness, Gazef asks the two if they are free. He also asks what they were doing, and Climb says he went to ask Momon if he knows about Shalltear Bloodfallen, but he didn’t find him home. They all enjoy the view of the Katze Plains together. Gazef tells Climb that his armor may stand out too much, but he wishes to keep it since the princess wishes for it. Brain assures Gazef that he will protect Climb no matter what. Gazef is happy to hear this, but warns Brain to be careful for Gown, since he won’t have a chance against him. The three of them swear to meet again after the war and go for a drink.

Meanwhile, the Baharut Empire prepared their army too to assist Ains Ooal Gown. He wishes to also send a portion of his own army with them, and orders Shalltear to send them immediately. She opens a gate and send the knight straight away, shocking everyone.

We also see Prince Barbro heading towards the Carne village. He wonders if even his father is against him as the next successor of the throne. He plans to finish this quickly so he can be on the Katze plains by morning, even if this means the soldiers will be exhausted.

Overall, this episode was all about war strategies. We shall see in the next episode how the war actually goes, so stay tuned!