Weekly Anime Review: Boku no Hero Academia episode 53

Weekly Anime Review: Boku no Hero Academia episode 53

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) episode 53. Read at your own risk.

The talk about hero costumes with Hatsume Mei continues and it seems like she managed to design Midoriya’s costume in a way that’s perfect with the way he wants to use his power. All of his classmates and the students from class 1-B also improved their costumes and worked hard on perfecting their moves and quirks.

Later that evening, the girls are talking about their progress. However, Ochako seems lost in thought and confesses that her heart has been stirred up lately. Mina deduces it’s love and tries to figure out who is the lucky guy. As Ochako floats in her embarrassment, she sees Midoriya training outside and she blushes. I guess it’s no secret for us who’s her crush.

Several days of hard training have passed and it’s finally time for the exam. As they arrive, they already meet some interesting people, like the Shiketsu High School students. One of them that stood out was Inasa Yoarashi, a guy that has a weird behaviour but is said to be very strong.

Inasa’s weird behaviour.

They also meet Ms. Joke, a Pro Hero that teaches at Ketsubutsu Academy. She brought along a second year class, which she is in charge of. She has a close relationship to Aizawa, as they’ve known each other for a long time. Well, I say close, but Aizawa is his usual self and is tired around hyperactive people.

They finally enter the examination building and have the rules of their first exam presented to them: everyone will have 3 targets on them and 6 balls, and they have to take each other down by hitting the balls on the targets. This sounds fairly simple, but the problem is that out of the 1,540 people present, only 100 can pass.

When the exam starts, Midoriya suggest that they should all stay grouped, but of course Bakugou wouldn’t do that and leaves, followed by Kirishima. Todoroki also separates himself from the others, since his powers aren’t as effective in big groups.

Out heroes soon realise what¬†disadvantage they have compared to the other participants: everyone knows what powers they have because the sports festival is broadcasted for everyone to see. Considering this, they thought people will definitely come at them, and they were right. Not only them, but it seems like “The Crushing of U.A.” is an anual thing in this exam. However, our heroes won’t be defeated so easily!