Weekly Anime Review: Boku no Hero Academia episode 52

Weekly Anime Review: Boku no Hero Academia episode 52

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) episode 52. Read at your own risk.

After a one week break, Boku no Hero Academia is back with the second cour of season 3. One of the exciting things about this are the new opening and ending. However, the most important part if the introduction to a new adventure.

Our heroes started their dorm life, but with all that fun they can’t forget about their training and what the actual cause for their dorm life. Considering all this, they started to train in order to develop an ultimate move. This move will be a signature move for every hero.

Even though still recovering from his injuries, none other than All Might visit the heroes when they’re training and offers them advice on how to make the best out of their quirks.

Of course, if you improve and expand your skills it means you also need to adapt your hero costume to those changes too. Izuku, Ochako and Iida go to get some changes for their hero costumes, and there they meet an old acquaintance, Hatsume Mei, the energetic inventor from the support course. As always, she just wants to show off her “babies” to everyone, but at the same time she wants to help the others improve their costumes. Despite her attitude, it really shows she’s a hard worker and it passionate about what she does.

Overall, the episode wasn’t very eventful, but it sets the stage for what is to come. It will be exciting to see the ultimate moves everyone will come up with to unlock their true potential!

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