Weekly Anime Review: Boku no Hero Academia 63

Weekly Anime Review: Boku no Hero Academia 63

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) episode 63. Read at your own risk.

Everyone is excited to meet the top three U.A. students. Midoriya remembers Mirio from the festival that was aired on TV the previous year, but he didn’t rank well and also left a weird impression (by stripping). He remembers that Nejire and Tamaki were there too, but they also didn’t rank that well either.

Mirio at the previous festival

Aizawa asks them to introduce themselves, starting with Tamaki Amajiki. He gives an intense stare to the class, which frightens the students. But the truth is he was just forcing himself to imagine everyone as potatoes, because he is too shy and anxious to talk in front of so many people. he gives up and turns away from the class, leaving Nejire Hado to introduce both him and herself.

However, after doing this, nejire gets curious about everyone in class and asks them avrious questions about themselves without waiting for an answer. Aizawa doesn’t have patience for this though and looks to Mirio to stop this situation.

Aizawa losing his temper at Nejire’s questions

Mirio steps in and tries to open a conversation with the class, but fails. He decides that instead of putting it into words, he should just show them through experience. And so, he challenges the entire class to fight him all at once! Aizawa doesn’t oppose this idea and let’s Mirio have his way.

They all move to the battleground. everyone is eager to fight Mirio. Midoriya actually volunteers go to first, determined to see the gap between him and the closest person to being a pro hero.

Everyone gets ready and Midoriya charges at Mirio, who, to everyone’s surprise. drops all of his clothes. He apologises for that and tries to put his pants back on, and that’s when Midoriya thinks he’s full of opening. However, his kicks passes right throw him, and so do all the other attacks that come at him. In all the commotion he “teleports” to the backline and easily takes the ranged attackers out.

Everyone is shocked at this. Aizawa comments how Mirio Togata is the closest to being the number one hero, including from the pros. However, Midoriya tries to stay calm and tells everyone that there must be some sort of trick to Mirio’s technique and they just have to find a way to fight him. Mirio then charges them head on and goes behind Midoriya. He expected he would do this and attacked, but Mirio got him back. he knocks down Midoriya and then defeats all of the rest easily.

After this, Mirio apologises for being rough and for having to see his willy. he then asks the students if they thought his quirk is strong, and they all say it is way too strong. They also ask if he has two, but he has just one: Permeation. he explains that his “wrap” or “teleportation” was just him slipping through the ground and getting launched back up. He also learned how to control where he gets back. He also tells them about the negative versions of his quirk. He can’t breathe oxygen or feel anything for that matter, since it all goes through him. This means he needs a lot of concentration to do just a simple thing using his quirk. Learning prediction was also one of the things that helped him go forward. To put it short, his quirk isn’t strong, he made it strong. 

He tells everyone he learned all of this through his experience at the internship, as he was able to turn experience into power. In the internships they will act as sidekicks and as real heroes, so they will see a lot of terrible stuff happen. But even if they’re all scared, they should do it and get that experience themselves.

After this speech, the third eyars depart. Midoriya thinks of how Mirio is someone that used his quirk even though it wasn’t that good and got the top for himself by working hard. This inspired him to be the same. Meanwhile, the three discuss what happened. Nejire asks Mirio if he thinks any of them is interesting. He says Midoriya is someone that predicted his intentions, and thinks Sir would like him.

That evening at the dorm, everyone talks about their exciting day and how they’re looking forward to their internships. Midoriya sits in his room and is determined to make a step forward. he calls Gran Torino and asks if he will take him under his wing again. He refuses, saying he has a lot of things to do, but tells Midoriya to ask All Might for help. He could introduce him to many people, including his former sidekick.

After this we take a glimpse at Sir, who seems to investigate a villain we’ve already met, Overhaul. it seems that he has made contact with the League of Villains.

Sir working on his desk.

Twice scouted Overhaul for the League of Villains. He actually accepted the interview, and is now face to face with Tomura Shigaraki and the rest of the league.

We met a lot of new characters and things start to get exciting, but sadly this was the last episode of the third season. Don’t worry though, a fourth season has been already announced! However, the date is unknown for now, but let’s hope it will be soon!