Weekly Anime Review: Boku no Hero Academia 62

Weekly Anime Review: Boku no Hero Academia 62

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) episode 62. Read at your own risk.

The episode starts showing us a man we haven’t seen before. he observes people from his window while smoking. However, there’s another voice in his head that comments on his thoughts. Through him and his turned on TV we see how the world thinks of Endeavor, the now number 1 hero. To put it simply, people can’t help comparing him to All Might and many don’t feel like he can measure up to The Symbol of Peace.

He dresses up and leaves his house. While walking around the city, he sees a villain stealing the money from a shop and running away. A hero tries to stop him, but is attacked by another villain. They are a part of a group of villains, since acting together isn’t that scary. Lately, the number of such groups has increased.

The League of Villains members seem to be scattered around in order to look for new members. They want to look for new forces. The man that was our narrator in this episode until now is actually a villain we know well, Twice. We get a glimpse of his past. He used his quirk to make clones of himself that served him, while he acted as the king. However, the clones revolted and wanted to kill him. They thought they are the real him. In the end, they all killed each other, but Twice was left unsure if he is the real one.

Because of this craziness, he can only be accepted as a villain, so he looks for crazy people like him. While wandering around, he sees that someone killed and set fire to the villain group he saw earlier. Seeing this guy that goes by the name “Overhaul”, he decides he might be a good pick for the league.


Back to U.A., everyone is preparing for the opening ceremony (except the trouble makers in house arrest). While class 1-A was in the hallway, they get confronted by Monoma, who mocks them for having two people fail the provisional license exam. Then he proudly says that everyone from his class passed.

On the hallway they meet another familiar person: Shinsou. They all recognise him from his fight with Midoriya. Sero points out that he got bulkier since last time they saw him.

The ceremony finally starts. After a long speech about the deterioration of his fur, the principal tells the students they all have to become dependable members of the society. Now that All Might is gone, they will have to work harder with their studies and hero work.

Class 1-A is having their class with Aizawa. They ask him what is the hero internship the principal was talking about earlier. he says they will work under pro heroes, but unlike in the previous internship, they will do hero work closer to the real thing than before.

That evening at the dorm, Midoriya feels overwhelmed when he hears everyone talking about everything that happened that day. As if missing one day of school already left him so behind everything! Iida tells him that they aren’t allowed to tell them anything that happened, so they’ll have to wait to see for themselves.

Midoriya is taking out the trash and thinking how he will be left behind in these three days. However, his thoughts are interrupted by a face in the wall that’s talking to him! The face politely instructs him where to throw away the trash. Midoriya is very shocked and scared, but doesn’t ask the face anything. The face disappears from the wall and appears on the floor, scaring Midoriya even more. He says he wanted to see the first year that caused some trouble, and that they will meet soon, then disappears for good, leaving Midoriya dumbfounded.

Three days pass and Midoriya is able to go back to class. He is more fired up than ever to catch up with everyone else. Aizawa comes in so everyone takes their seats. Then he tells them they will get to know more about their internships, and invites some guests inside. To Midoriya’s surprise, one of them is the face in the wall. It seems that he is part of The Big Three, U.A.’s top students!

Seems like our heroes will have things to learn from their upperclassmen. We shall see next time how their encounter will go!