Weekly Anime Review: Boku no Hero Academia 61

Weekly Anime Review: Boku no Hero Academia 61

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) episode 61. Read at your own risk.

As we’ve seen in the previous episode, Bakugou challenges Midoriya to battle. Midoriya tells him there is a better time and way to do this, like during training, but Bakugou says they wouldn’t be able to go all-out then. Bakugou wants to see what All Might saw in him, and also wants to see if his way of admiring All Might is wrong, since Midoriya’s way seemed to be the right way.

Midoriya still doesn’t want to fight, but Bakugou just jumps to attack him. Midoriya has no choice but to fight back now. However, they are spotted by the surveillance robot, who reports to Aizawa that two of his students are fighting. He gets out to go for them, but is stopped by someone.

Meanwhile, Midoriya tells Bakugou that there’s no way his admiration was wrong, but Bakugou doesn’t listen and keeps attacking. He remembers how Midoriya was always the ones chasing after him, but now things are reversed. Why did he become stronger and got acknowledged by All Might, while he became the one that ended All Might?

He really thinks that because he got kidnapped and All Might had to fight All For One, he is the reason why All Might can’t be a hero anymore. He kept thinking about this and he didn’t know what to do, since he couldn’t tell anyone about All Might’s secret.

Hearing Bakugou saying all this, Midoriya realised that even if the fight is meaningless he has to do it, since he is the only one who can accept Bakugou’s feelings. he decided to go all out too and they both fight. Balugou has the upper hand, since Midoriya takes too long to predict his opponent’s move and Bakugou is very fast and impulsive.

Bakugou yells at Midoriya that he was always sticking close to him even if he got pushed away because Midoriya looked down on him. This left Midoriya in shock, and replies that you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with someone you look down upon. He says that despite his bad parts, he always admired Bakugou for what he could do and he was an amazing person much closer to him than All Might.

Midoriya’s shock when hearing Bakugou’s words.

Midoriya charges at Bakugou faster than before, and since he lost control his power increased to 8%. This fight helped him get stronger and he never thought it would. Bakugou blocks the kick. Midoriya tells him he always chased after him because he admired him. Seeing Midoriya’s power, Bakugou gets even angrier and they both continue to have an all out fight (and here I have to mention that the animation is amazing, a must watch!).

Even thought Midoriya doesn’t say it, he thinks it: the image of victory he has in his head was always the one of Bakugou. he wants to beat him, his symbol of victory, in order to meet the expectations of All Might, who chose him. Midoriya feints a kick at Bakugou and uses his punch instead, which lands. despite this strong punch, Bakugou returns the attack and slams Midoriya into the ground, immobilising him and thus winning the fight.

Bakugou asks how did he lose even if he has All Might’s power, but they are interrupted by… All Might himself! He apologises for not noticing sooner, but Bakugou says it’s too late. He also says that he chose Midoriya because despite being powerless, he was more heroic than anyone else. He always thought that bakugou is already strong and could compete, so he wants to give Midoriya a chance to stand in the ring. Bakugou says he is weak and wants to be strong like All Might, and says it’s his fault that All Might is powerless now. All Might says it’s not his fault, since he was already at his limit and he was going to end up like this at some point anyway.

All Might realises he focused too much on Bakugou’s strength and made his carry that burden, even thought he is so young. he consoles Bakugou, but is pushed away. All Might continues by saying that wanting to win and wanting to save people are both necessary to be great heroes, so since their feelings are now in the open they should both help each other grow.

Bakugou says that’s not what he wanted to hear, but being bummed out and exhausted he just lays down. He tells Midoriya that since the strongest guy did so much for him he shouldn’t lose. Midoriya says he will get stronger in order to beat him. Bakugou then asks All Might who knows about this, and after hearing the answer he says he will keep it a secret. All Might really appreciates his consideration and decides to tell him the full story.

After this, Bakugou says none of this changes his goal and he will always aim higher than Midoriya. Midoriya replies that he will go even higher than, while Bakugou argues back that he will surpass him. All Might is thinking that now they’ve finally become real rivals, unlike before.

It seems like the ones that stopped Aizawa was All Might. However, now he is ready to deliver their punishment, but All Might talks them out of it, saying it was his fault. Aizawa understands but still gives the two house arrest and cleaning duties for what they’ve done. he also tells them to not rely on recovery Girl to fix their injuries, since they are at fault. With this, they are dismissed. They got away pretty easily thanks to All Might.

The next morning, the two clean the lobby as punishment. The others tell them they were stupid for fighting. Because of their house arrest, they can’t attend the opening ceremony. Everyone leaves and the two are left alone. Midoriya asks Bakugou about his Shoot Style. After a pause, Bakugou actually gives him a proper answer and tells him the things to work on. He also says that when he used it together with the punch it made him mad, which makes Midoriya happy.

This episode was very intense and full of emotions. We finally saw what both of these two were thinking, especially Bakugou. Despite the appearances, he’s a person that thinks and worries a lot. Hopefully we will see more development of these two in the future, so let’s stay tuned!