Weekly Anime Review: Boku no Hero Academia 60

Weekly Anime Review: Boku no Hero Academia 60

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) episode 60. Read at your own risk.

The results are in. Midoriya is looking for his name and he’s happy to see that he passed. It seems like most of the U.A. students passed, except Bakugou and Todoroki. Yoarashi also looks for his name and sees that he didn’t pass. He walks up to Todoroki and apologises for making him fail the exam. Todoroki tells him he was at fault too and he realised some things because he was confronted directly.

All of Todoroki’s classmates are shocked he didn’t pass and feel bad about it (except Mineta, who is being a jerk about it). Todoroki just remains silent about it.

Everyone receives their result sheets so they can see their overall score and check their mistakes. Just like Iida mentions, it’s great that they show the points they all need to improve. Looking at the results, Midoriya wonders why didn’t the ones that fell below 50 points were allowed to stay until the end of the exam and weren’t out out of it.

His thought are clarified in the speech held after showing the results. After telling everyone about their responsibilities now that they have a licence, it is also mentioned that the ones that failed now still have a chance. They have a 3-months-long course planned for them along with an individual test for those that failed now. If they can pass that, they can get their license. This is why they watched everyone until the end. Once they fix their issue, they might become even greater than the ones that passed now. The ones that failed are all eager to take up this offer.

And thus, the exam ends and everyone is heading back to their homes. Yoarashi says goodbye to Todoroki but admits that he still doesn’t like him and apologises in advance. Midoriya runs and asks Nagamasa what training they do at Shiketsu to conceal their presence. he replies that they don’t anything like that. Midoriya is confused and tells him Camie told him they do that, to which Nagamasa replies that she hasn’t been herself in the last days and also that she already left.

Turns out Camie wasn’t acting like herself because… she wasn’t herself. All this time, Camie was actually Toga, using her quirk to transform into Camie!

Her quirk lets her transform into someone else by ingesting their blood. And bad news, she got a bit of Midoriya’s blood! She tells Tomura this and we can be sure their plan is no good, but we will have to find out what it is.

We see that on the same day as the exam, All Might went to visit All For One. He is very talkative, but All Might doesn’t want to entertain his chatter. He came to ask where Shigaraki Tomura is. All For One says she doesn’t know. All Might keeps asking him question, but he doesn’t reply to them. He tells him that just as All Might dedicated himself to do good, he dedicated himself to do evil.

All Might asks why he needs a successor, and All For One says it’s because of him and what he did to his body. All For One also has some questions: he asks how the world is now that All Might retired, but he isn’t allowed to reply to that. Since he doesn’t get an answer, he tries to guess it and hits the spot with all his speculations. He also tries to guilt All Might for what is happening in the outside world. All Might gets angry at first, but he calms down and tells him he doesn’t know everything. He says he knows All For One planned to have him and/or Midoriya killed, and he says he definitely won’t die or let himself be killed by Shigaraki.

All Might leaves telling him he won’t let the future he wants to pass.

On his way back, he gets a text from Midoriya which shows his provisional license, and he looks very proud of him.

In that evening, everyone is chilling in the U.A. dormitory lobby. Bakugou tells Midoriya to go out front later so they can talk about his quirk.

That night, while everyone is asleep, they go outside. Bakugou brings Midoriya to ground Beta, because that was the first place where he lost to him. Bakugou thinks back at how Midoriya kept climbing higher and higher when he had nothing before, and now he passed the provisional license exam while he himself failed it.

Bakugou asks Midoriya if he got his quirk from All Might. He tells Midoriya about all the deductions he made to reach this conclusion. He also says he asked All Might about it, but he denied. Since Midoriya doesn’t say anything, he concludes that he is right.

Midoriya finally speaks and asks Bakugou what he will do with this information. Bakugou replies that he just wnats to fight him, since they both want to be like All Might.


This episode was intense itself, with the clashes between All For One and All might, and Midoriya and Bakugou. Seems like we will have an all-out fight between Midoriya and Bakugou in the next episode, so stay tuned!