Weekly Anime Review: Boku no Hero Academia 59

Weekly Anime Review: Boku no Hero Academia 59

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) episode 59. Read at your own risk.

The episode starts off by showing us how the world has decided to look at heroes now that All Might is gone: as it would be hard to find someone as strong and charismatic as him, it’s better to build up an army of strong heroes with a sense of unity.

Back to the exam, our heroes have to both rescue the victims and fight a strong villain and his subordinates! Aizawa mentions that this kind of situation would be hard even for a Pro Hero. Even so, they will have to do it. The first one to take action against the villain is Shindou, who sends tremors to the ground where the villains are.

However, Gang Orca quickly gets to him and uses his ultrasonic wave attack on Shindou, which paralyses him. He also tells the rest of the heroes that leaving only Shindou to handle things was a mistake, as there is a lot of difference in terms of power.

Gang Orca using his ultrasonic sound waves on Shindou.

Todoroki arrives and attacks Gang Orca with his ice, but he blocks it easily. Other members of class 1-A arrive and help Midoriya evacuate the victims to safety. However, Todoroki isn’t the only one that arrived to fight Gang Orca: Inasa Yoarashi did too. The examiners are actually very pleased with this, as Todoroki and Yoarashi are both strong fighters that can hold back the villains while the others continue the rescue.

Yoarashi arriving at the scene.

Even if them fighting together seems like a good idea, their personal problems get in the way. They don’t plan to get along, but even so they seem to have the same thinking, as they attack Gang Orca at the same times. However, since Todorki used his fire and Yoarashi his wind, they messed each other up and didn’t even get to Gang Orca.

The two of them get mad at each other and start screaming that each of them did it on purpose to ruin their attack. Yoarashi tells Todoroki he would definitely do it on purpose, as he is the son of Endeavor. This obviously triggers Todoroki. But since no villain will just stand to watch the heroes arguing, Gang Orca’s subordinates attack using the Cement Gun, hitting Todoroki once. He blocks the rest of the attacks wit his ice, while Yoarashi dodges them in the air. He continues telling Todoroki about his hatred for Endeavor and how he hates those eyes full of hate, different from the eyes of the passionate heroes he loves.

He also says that when he saw Todoroki at the entrance exam he knew who he is, as he had the exact same eyes full of hate. Todoroki is annoyed by this, saying he isn’t like him. He then tries to calm down since he is in the middle of the exam and decided to put the hatred for his father behind. He then admits that he still has some hatred left, but still tries to keep a cool head, failing. Then Yoarashi and Todoroki attack Gang Orca at the same time again, this time both attacks going in opposite direction, with Todoroki’s flames going towards Shindou!

Luckily Midoriya jumps and saves him, and then turns to Todoroki and Yoarashi and tells them something simple yet impactful:

Then we get to see a bit of Yoarashi’s past. He always liked everything and had no fear, but the only thing he hated was Endeavor and his eyes full of hate. He remembers the race at the U.A. entrance exam where he was against Todoroki, and how he also had the same eyes full of hatred as Endeavor.

Back to the present, Midoriya’s words make the two snap out of it, but it was too late. Gang Orca uses his ultrasonic waves on both of them and leaves them paralysed on the ground. With them down, Gang Orca’s subordinates go after the victims, but Shindou uses the bit of his strength he has left to keep them away once again, and tells Midoriya to take care of the rest.

Todoroki and Yoarashi realise their mistakes and try to fix the situation. Even if they are unable to move, this time they combine their powers in an effective way, and trap Gang Orca in a spiral of flames.

Gang Orca acknowledges their idea and struggle to cover up for their mistakes. Meanwhile, his subordinates noticed what’s happening and want to take Todoroki down, but he puts up a wall of ice to protect him, thus using both of his sides. While Todoroki and Yoarashi keep Gang Orca trapped, Midoriya fights his subordinates and starts to get backup from the others, who finished their rescue mission.

Even though the spiral Todoroki and Yoarashi put up is strong, Gang Orca manages to disperse it in the end, asking what is their next move. They don’t have any, but Midoriya comes to their rescue.

Before he can do more, the exam ends, as all the victims were saved. Everyone can go back and change or treat their injuries while waiting for the results. The results come out soon after and everyone is looking to see if they passed.

Midoriya looking for his name on the list.

Sadly the episode ends here, so we will have to wait for the next one to see who passed and who failed. However, I think we all might have an idea about who failed this one, but let’s just wait and see.