Weekly Anime Review: Black Clover episode 51

Weekly Anime Review: Black Clover episode 51

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Black Clover episode 51.

With their last mission as a success, the Black Bulls return home. Everyone is back to doing their own thing. As they talk about their accomplishments, they see Gordon mumbling something. They completely forgot about him. He’s just a loner who wants to make friend and wanted to help at the Underwater temple, but nobody gets it. Maybe some day we will see what he can do too.

Yami tells everyone he will go to report to the Wizard King. He tells Charmy to come with him since she has the prisoners, and Finral since he can transport them. Asta volunteers to go too. Noelle opposes this, saying Asta has to rest. Normally Yami would agree, but since Asta was there with him when they were given the mission, he should be there now too.

They all arrive at the capital. Yami tells Finral he can look around while they go. He opposes at first, then realises he’d rather be flirting with girls than meet the Wizard King, so he leaves. Yami reports everything that happened to the Wizard King and gives him the magic stone.

Then the Wizard King congratulates them for completing this mission without losing any member. He thinks how strong Yami has become. Back when he made Yami a Magic Knight Squad Captain, everyone opposed it. He congratulated Yami for the great captain he has become. Yami says that all he did was to prove that he was right for choosing him. Also, his Magic Knight prove that he was right too. The Wizard King himself congratulated Asta for another accomplishment.

Their conversation in interrupted by a message from Marx. Kiten, the border town with the Diamond Kingdom is under attack by a Diamond Kingdom squad! And they have a pretty big army too. Not to mention that they are lead by three of the Eight Shining Generals, which are the equivalent of Magic Knight Captains.

The mages present there are ready to protect Kiten from the enemies. They activate the magical barrier that surrounds the city. They decide to attack Lagus first, the Shining General that uses lighting. However, the attacks are all blocked easily. He then unleashes an attack that breaks the protecting barrier, and thus attacks the city.

Lagus using his magic.

Yagos, another Shining General, gives everyone instructions on how they should act. Brocks, the last of the Shining Generals, doesn’t listen to any of this and just charges into the city. The others follow him and they all attack the city. All the Kiten Magic Knight have been wiped out, but luckily the Golden Dawn have arrived to save the day!

Finally, someone strong has arrived at the scene. While Brocks is causing a rampage in the city, Yuno comes to stand in his way. He doesn’t waste time and blasts Brocks off with a powerful attack!

We also get to see the relationship between Yuno and his wind spirit, Bell. She scolds him for acting cool and tells him he will never be able to make friends. Yuno doesn’t care about that though. The fairy is the opposite of Yuno, she is carefree and lively. But maybe their opposite personalities is what makes them work well together in the end.

Charmy and the Wizard King himself admire Yuno’s power. The Wizard King seems proud of how much stronger Yuno has become. Asta acknowledges this too. However, the Wizard King realises he should send someone to help the Golden Dawn. Even though they’re doing a great job, the enemies have three generals and many forces. Yami volunteers to go and help them. Asta volunteers to go too, but Yami opposes it. However, Charmy says she will go along too and protect Asta.

This surprises Yami, and he agrees. Well, Charmy just wants to see her crush, Yuno. Can’t really blame her for that.The three of them then go to look for Finral, so he can take them to Kiten.

In Kiten, the Golden Dawn continues their fight. The captain, Willian, and his second in command, Lagris (this is Finral’s brother) are ready for action too.

We will get to see the strongest Golden dawn members in action! At first, the anime was supposed to end at 51 episodes, but it will continue from now on! Let’s keep watching!