Weekly Anime Review: Black Clover episode 50

Weekly Anime Review: Black Clover episode 50

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Black Clover episode 50.

On the surface, Bah-ha and his friends were helping the injured mages out. As they do that, Bah-ha feels like Vetto’s evil presence has disappeared. This assures us once again that this time he won’t come back.

Back underwater, the members of the Black Bulls praise Yami (each of them in your own way) for how he defeated Vetto. Gifso congratulates them for beating the Midnight Sun and winning the game, and also for saving the Underwater Temple. He says he will grant any of their wish.

Yami asks for the magic stone, but Gifso doesn’t seem to know what it is. Luckily for everyone, Nero actually found it and brought it to them.

With this, they completed their mission. Yami shocks everyone because he actually congratulates them for a job well done, but they’re happy to accept the praise. After this they all fall down from exhaustion. Grifso offers to help them recover their energy and tend their wounds.

And so he did. Everyone is resting and recovering in the beds prepared for them. They recovery is pretty fast, since they have time to nag each other already. Something unexpected happens though: the people from the Underwater temple are cheering at their window and thanking them for saving their home and their lives. This leaves them shocked, since no one thanked them like this before.

People thanking the Black Bulls.

Kiato and Kahono are also recovering somewhere else. Noelle is there to visit Kahono, and cries and apologises for not being to protect her voice. Kahono doesn’t blame her, and instead thanks her for protecting her home. besides, she hasn’t given up on her dream. She will hear her voice and become an idol on the surface. Kahono invites Noelle to come and see her when that happens, and she gladly accepts. The two of them make a promise to meet again like this.

Noelle then leaves her to rest, but she left an impression on Kiato. And by impression I mean that he fell in love with her and plans to court her when his leg heals up. Kahono just smiles at this, thinking that Noelle is most likely unavailable.

Meanwhile, Asta is wandering around the Temple. Nero guides him to Yami, and Asta is surprised to see that he made an improvised “grave” for Vetto and is praying for him. Asta approaches Yami and tells him about his explorations. He also says he found some pretty flower and decided to put them on Vetto’s “grave”.

Asta sits and thinks that Vetto must have had his reasons for hating humans so much. He can’t forgive him, but Vetto also had things he couldn’t forgive humans for. Yami asks him if he’s an idiot and say idiots shouldn’t think about stuff like that. All Asta has to do is to keep chasing his dream.

This makes Asta think about his dream and his promise with Yuno. He says he still isn’t strong enough and Yuno is still ahead of him. He promises himself he will heal his arms, get strong and become the Wizard King.

Anyway, everyone recovers and it’s time for the Black Bulls to leave. They all say their goodbyes and start leaving through Finral’s portal one by one. Noelle and Asta are the last ones to leave, but when they are about to, Kahono starts to sing as well as she can now. Everyone at the Temple is impressed by this and start singing along. Noelle and Asta smile and depart at peace, and Finral follows them.

And with this, the arc finally ends. Our heroes will go on new adventures and meet new people from now on, so keep watching!