Weekly Anime Review: Black Clover episode 49

Weekly Anime Review: Black Clover episode 49

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Black Clover episode 49.

Last episode we saw that Asta finally managed to land a good hit on Vetto. Everyone is relieves that they finally won, but it seems like it’s not true! Vetto planned all along to get hit so he can steal Asta’s sword and make everyone despair.

Despite all this, Asta still doesn’t want to give up. The others follow up to this, which makes Vetto even angrier than before. Vanessa saves Asta from Vetto. They fight once again. Vanessa not only controls Asta now, but also supports his broken arm. Finral also gets back to doing his part.

With their help, Asta grabs his other sword and charges at Vetto. Once more, Vetto asks why won’t he despair. Asta replies that there is someone he can’t lose to, and Vetto and his despair are in the way of their promise. Vetto realises that he can’t read Asta’s attacks that well anymore, and realises that it’s because of the sword he stole. He played himself by stealing it, since the sword weakens him. Angry at this realisation, he pulls out the sword.

The two of them keep fighting. Vetto manages to knock Asta to the ground, but his magic starts to fade away.  He has a shock when he turns to Asta and he sees that he isn’t like before. His demon form has awakened, and it ready to defeat him and his despair.

In this form, Asta attacks at high speed and keeps hitting Vetto over and over again! After multiple attacks, he lands the final blow on Vetto.

Everyone celebrates and congratulates Asta for not giving into despair. Not only him, but they all praise each other for a well done work. Vanessa already wants to celebrate their victory, but Asta says they need to find a way to tie up Vetto, since he’s that dangerous and needs questioning.

Meanwhile, Vetto remembers his childhood with Licht. It seems that they had a very close relationship, and Licht was the image of hope to Vetto, but humans ruined everything.

Young Licht.

Remembering the loss of all this made Vetto angry, and his magic returned. He plans to destroy everyone along with him. Yami realizes his squad members won’t be able to do anything about that attack and wants to go and save them, but he is still trapped inside.

Seeing what they have to face once again, the Black Bulls don’t give up and are ready to face their foe once more. However, Yami finally comes to the rescue!  He finally manages to break through the special magic that kept him away.

With Yami there Asta is ready to fight again, but Yami tells him he will take him down alone, since they all already risked their lives to fight him. He praises them all for their good work and gets erady to fight. Since everyone surpassed their limits, so did he. Being trapped and pushed against a wall gave him a new spell. It’s a spell that allows him to cut through dimensions! With this spell, he easily defeats Vetto for good.

And with this, Vetto is finally defeated for good! What will our heroes do now that they finally defeated him? Will the injured recover fast? Will Kiato and Kahono be able to perfom again? We shall see in the next episodes!