Weekly Anime Review: Black Clover episode 48

Weekly Anime Review: Black Clover episode 48

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Black Clover episode 48.

Asta continues his fight with the help of Finral and Vanessa. This attack seems to be effective, as Vetto’s healing abilities have been cut off. He acknowledges the power all three of them have by fighting together, but decides to crush that hope and charges at them again.

They continue to fight and with the help of Finral and Vanessa, Asta manages to land a hit on Vetto’s shoulder, but that only scratches him. Realising this type of wound isn’t enough to defeat him, Finral and Vanessa decide to make Asta get even closer to Vetto, even if it’s dangerous. They keep attacking at high speed, but Vanessa realises that Vetto is starting to adapt to their attacks. This is correct since veto finally manages to land a scratch on Asta himself.

Despite this Asta wishes to continue, but Yami (from far away) tells him to stop, since Vetto now knows his attacks and next time might be the end of him. Yami tells them they can still fight but they  can’t keep doing the same thing. They need to surpass their limits even more.

The three of them do just that and increase the speed even more. Seeing Asta fight, Vanessa remembers her past. She used to be locked in an empty room in the Forest of Witches. She never had the courage to leave, but one day she met Yami and decided to join the Black Bulls. It’s a decision she doesn’t regret.

Young Vanessa.

Finral also remembers his past. It is revealed that he is actually from a noble family, but his special magic was never on the offensive side because he didn’t want to attack or be attacked. His little brother, Langris, was way more powerful than him. He became the vice captain of the Golden dawn, while Finral was in the Black Bulls. All of these made Langris be chosen as the next head of the House of Vaude. After this Finral just ran away from everything. Once, he asked Yami why he chose him when he is so weak and Yami tells him he probably has his own way of fighting. This makes Finral realise that instead of fighting he can support the stronger ones and make the Black Bulls themselves a stronger squad.

Young Finral and Langris.

However, no matter how hard they concentrate, the magic still gets consumed and becomes weaker. Vetto notices this too, of course. When he was feeling confident about this, he has another surprise in for him: more reinforcements from the Black Bulls! Gauche, Charmy and Grey are here to back their friends up!

The three of them also create a combined attacks that creates an improvised smokescreen and  makes it look like many Astas are attacking at once.

This works and Asta is finally able to land a good hit on Vetto!

Will this bring them finally close to defeating him or will it all just be in vain? Find out in the next episodes!