Weekly Anime Review: Black Clover episode 47

Weekly Anime Review: Black Clover episode 47

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Black Clover episode 47. 

Remember when I said earlier that Bah-ha should make himself useful and call for help? Seems like he finally will do so.

Back underwater, after seeing the state Vetto is in Yami tries to break out and go help his Black Bull members again. Even thought he tries to slice the barrier he can’t manage to cut it. He throws a tantrum and swears he will beat the barrier guy later.

After this, we finally get to see Vanessa’s fight. She is against a Mosquito Magic user (who actually uses huge needles, which is funny considering she uses magic threads). He uses his magic to emit sounds that will weaken Vanessa while attacking her, but she still manages to dodge him. However this was all part of her plan, as she set up invisible threads to catch her enemy. She then manipulates him like a doll and uses his own magic against him. After an easy victory, she rushes to where Vetto is.

Back to where Vetto is, Asta tells Noelle that he managed to get up because Kahono used her last bit of strenght to slowly heal him. He tells her they should just beat Vetto then find someone that would be able to heal Kahono and Kiato. Meanwhile, Finral is watching everything from a hidden spot and just wants to run away, realising he can’t deal with such a monster.

Vetto gets tired of waiting and decides to completely get rid of the people he already defeated and unleashes a powerful attack on them. However, Vanessa arrives just in time and puts everyone in a safe place with the help of her threads, and also ties up Vetto with them.

But Vetto easily breaks her threads and unleashes another powerful attack, this time directed to the ones still standing. His attack is sent back at him through Spatial Magic, meaning Finral finally decides to join the battle, even if he is scared out of his mind.

With the four members united they’re erady to get to action. Noelle is put in charge of taking care of the victims with the little magic she still has left. Vanessa realises that the only way of getting to Vetto is using Asta’s anti-magic powers, so she and Finral decide to give him all the support they can.

By using Finral’s Spatial Magic and tying Asta with Vanessa’s magical threads, the two help Asta move around freely and help him when he is in a pinch. That way he doesn’t exhaust his body too much and manages to put Vetto in a bit of trouble. They manage to trick him and Asta finally lands a good blow on him!

Will they finally be able to take down Vetto or will they need even more people and efforts to do so? We shall find out in the next episodes!