The first Shazam! trailer is out now!

The first Shazam! trailer is out now!

Here is the trailer, in case you haven’t seen it yet:

On July 21 at Comic-Con in San Diego DC revealed the first trailer for their upcoming superhero movie, Shazam!. The movie will star Zachary Levi as star (and superhero, of course).

In the trailer we see Billy Batson, an orphaned boy that just moves into a new foster family where there is another child, who has disabilities, but is still a funny and cheerful kid. Next thing we see in the trailer is him beating up some bullies that were picking on that kid. He runs away from them and manages to get on a subway to get rid of them. In the train, a strange voice says that he is chosen and the next thing we see is Billy going into some sort of cave. There, a mage gives him his powers and Billy turns into an adult dressed as a superhero.

After this he meets up with the kid he saved and together with him they try to figure out all of the superpowers he has.

DC movies got a reputation of being dark and grim, but this one seems to be extremely funny and delightful. The story of a superhero that is basically a child (but doesn’t look like it in his superhero form) and that just tests out his abilities randomly is so refreshing and will surely give us some good laughs (just like the trailer already did).

The movie will premiere in cinemas in April 2019, so we will have to wait a bit until then, but it will be worth it.