Summer 2018 anime: Cells at Work!

Summer 2018 anime: Cells at Work!

Have you ever thought of all the processes that happen inside your body? How you get to overcome illness, why you sneeze, what happens when you get a scratch? Well, Cells at Work! (Hataraku Saibou) is an anime that can teach you all that, and more.

The story takes place inside a human body. You can even see everything as happening inside your body. Studies show that in the human body there are about 37 trillion cells, all working day and night in order to keep you healthy. This anime shows the story of the little heroes inside you, portrayed as anime characters.

Every time a cell is introduced, the narrator tells us information about it and how it functions inside the human body. From the red cells that transport oxygen in our body to the white cells that fight the germs, you can find them all. Speaking of germs they are presented too as some scary monster-like creatures.

Red Cells, White Cell, Platelet, Killer T Cell

See the endless battles that happen inside your body that you didn’t even know about. The fights are shown as epic, badass and bloody fights. With this show, you get to be both well-informed and entertained with some epic battles. When having to study something, studying through an anime would’ve been an ideal way for many of us.

This show will expand your knowledge about the human body, will keep you watching epic battles and it will make you want to care of your own body more than you already do. If you like biology, action, or just want to learn something new and watch some battles, this show is for you!