Monthly Manga review: One Punch Man chapter 94

Monthly Manga review: One Punch Man chapter 94

Warning: This contains spoilers from One Punch Man manga chapter 94. 

This chapter is double the size of a normal one! It has over 140 pages full of non-stop action and fighting! In this chapter, even though it’s very long, we don’t get a glimpse of our main heroes, Genos and Saitama, but we a lot of heroes from the Hero Association getting their own little spotlight and we get to know more about them and their fighting style like that.

The heroes arrive at an abandoned district which they wish to take back. To the disappointment of some, Mr. King isn’t joining them as he ran off to do things his own way, but they know he can manage. They don’t have much time to think about that as they are already being surrounded by a number of enemies.

They all prepare to enter combat with the monsters, but a bigger enemy emerges from a rag that was thrown on the ground.

This giant creature is listed as “Disaster Level Unknown: Evil Eye”. Just looking at him anyone can tell he is a powerful foe. He proceeds to crash the building around on our heroes and he tells them that the eyes he has are all of monsters that the heroes defeated and he wants to make them pay. Well, his plan is ruined as Tatsumaki saved everyone from the crashing building with her barrier.

…which she later drops soon afterwards because she doesn’t feel the need to protect everyone else. In a way she is right, because the others begin scattering the debris and freeing everyone. After this, Evil Eye triggers Tatsumaki into a battle with him, and they both proceed to have a one-on-one up in the air.

The other monsters proceed to attack the heroes so they all enter battle. In this, we see a lot of heroes displaying their skills. We see A-Class Rank 11, Twin Tail play some deadly magic tricks on the enemies,

A-Class Rank 22, Oneshotter sniping enemies from afar and even fighting them in close combat with the help of his gun,

A-Class Rank 24, Green, entangling the enemies using his vines,

A-Class Rank 29, Narcisstoic, killing the enemies by using his “gorgeously beautiful” techniques,

and many others,. Multiple battles happen everywhere and our heroes defeat these monsters fairly easily. Even the B-Class heroes are doing a great job against these foes. Speaking of B-Class heroes, the one at rank 71, Captain Mizuki, gets her own spotlight this chapter. She fights her enemies as if she’s fighting for a gold medal at the Olympics!

Even C-Class heroes manage to take down these monsters alone! After finishing off all of them, the heroes realize the enemies were too weak and that is too suspicious. Their suspicions are correct, as an army of stronger monster approaches them. However, they are all stepped aside by one big enemy, Rhino the wrestler.

The heroes charge at him, but nothing seems to work. Even strong attacks or weapons leave him unharmed. Not only he is strong, but he is also agile, despite his size, as he dodges Oneshotter’s bullets easily. The Rhino charges at them and yells about how he wants to be the strongest of them all. A-Class Rabk 2, Iaian, manages to stop his charge.

The others keep attacking Rhino. He gives everyone points based on their attacks, but none are satisfying. He easily resists to every attack that the others deliver. Atomic Samurai tells Iaian to let him take his place, mentioning that he will also cut Rhino’s horn for him.

Atomic Samurai looks at Rhino then looks away, telling everyone that the job is done and they should go. Shocked, Rhino tells him it’s not over. Atomic Samurai just asks what’s his score, and when he does that Rhino’s horn starts to fall and the crumbles entirely. He gives Atomic Samurai 100 points before he dies.

The other monsters are outraged and they all charge at Atomic Samurai, but numbers aren’t a problem for him, and he takes them down as easily as he took Rhino.

The other high ranked heroes proceed to fight the remaining monsters too and they easily defeat them. Puripuri Prisoner gets to show off his skills in front of everyone with this occasion.

After this, we get to know that Tatsumaki defeated her opponent, Evil Eye, too. While Prisoner says he still feels its hatred, Tatsumaki denies this and simply finishes it off.

Meanwhile, Child Emperor finds and destroys the eye that was watching everyone.

However, Gyoro Gyoro claims he has seen everything and “figured it out”, so he calls his strong army to him.

And with this, this long and action packed chapter ends. It was full of exciting battles and we got to see many characters in action, which is always a good thing. We will have to wait for another month to see what will happen to our heroes, now that Gyoro Gyoro has “figured out”.