Monthly Manga Review: Boruto chapter 27

Monthly Manga Review: Boruto chapter 27

Warning: This contains spoilers from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 27. Read at your own risk.

The day just started and Boruto and Kawaki already have a confrontation: who should use the toiler first. Boruto insists he should go first since it’s his house, but Kawaki says he needs it just as badly. They start to argue, but from the bathroom Naruto yells at them to go outside since he is the one using the bathroom.

They both have to do it outside. However, Boruto is not pleased and tells Kawaki to not stay so close to him, but Kawaki replies that he can’t boss him around. The two of them finish at the same time… and jump to fight each other at the same time!

They both keep lashing at each other to the point where they both use their Kama!

It seems that the only thing they agree on is that they can understand each other only through fighting. However, Naruto stops their fight. Well, one of his clones does, since he was still trying to be at peace on the toilet.

Later, everyone gathers to have a meal together (and Boruto is happy his father is home so much, but won’t admit it). Kawaki just silently watches this family portrait, even though he is participating in the meal too.

Later, Kawaki visits Boruto’s room as he is about to go out. He asks how did he get the Kama and if it had anything to do with Jigen. Boruto doesn’t know anything about such a guy. Then Boruto asks Kawaki how he got that mark on his arm himself.

He remembers the experiments Jigen conducted and how he was one of the subjects. He woke up confined in something that looks like a plastic bag, the type similar to blood bags and such. He seems a lot of such broken bags on the floor. A lot of children died trying to become the vessels of Jigen’s power. None of them were able to handle it. Kawaki even saw one of the children die right before his eyes. Jigen then turns to Kawaki and says “You won’t disappoint me, right?”. And it the end, Kawaki survived, so he didn’t disappoint.

Jigen looking at (experiment subject) Kawaki

Boruto tells him he managed to survive well in that situation, but Kawaki replies that he’d rather be dead and not live in eternal hell. Kawaki asks Boruto to help him find a way to get rid of his Kama, since it’s troublesome for him too. Even though it isn’t sure there is a way, they might find one.

Boruto will cooperate only when Kawaki will do something about Himawari’s vase, which he broke. Kawaki says it was his bad and he will buy a new one, but Boruto needs more than this, and walks out angrily.

Naruto heard the entire conversation, and finds Kawaki outside looking at his flower. he apologises because he knows Boruto won’t take “no” for an answer. Kawaki says he will get a new vase, since it will be convenient for him too. Naruto says he doesn’t have money, so he better not go around stealing from the village. Kawaki asks what he should do then, and Naruto asks him for a walk together.

Seems like Naruto has a plan to help both of the boys get along and get what they wish for. Let’s see next time what that is!